World’s Longest Golf Course Spans 1,365 Kilometers, Takes 5 Days to Complete

There are some long golf courses out there, some covering over 8,000 yards, but they all seem tiny when compared to the world’s longest golf course, which spans a whopping 1,365 kilometers.

Nullabor Links is an 8-hole par-72 golf course that stretches along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Legend has it that the course was created to give truck drivers something to do on this remote stretch of road, but according to several sources, it was just a wacky idea born over a few bottles of wine between two golf enthusiasts looking for a way to keep tourists along Eyre Highway in the area for longer. Their concept, to create the world’s longest golf course proved a huge hit, one that continues to grow in popularity.

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“We have receipts for about 17,000 that have actually paid to play by getting a scorecard, but we know and understand from feedback from the roadhouses that almost the same amount play but don’t pay,” Alf Caputo, manager of Nullabor Links, said.


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Nullabor Links consists of 7 holes from existing courses and 11 holes created at roadhouses and road stops along Eyre Highway. The average distance between holes is 66 kilometers, and the longest distance between two consecutive holes is about 200 kilometers.


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Playing a hole, then getting in a car and driving 150 kilometres and then playing another hole, in a golfing event that spans over five days on average is a concept that many don’t understand, but those who have completed the Nullabor Links course will tell you that it is an experience like no other.

Driving 1,365 kilometers along the Australian coast gives players the opportunity to experience Australian culture and attractions, and for many the competition alone is worth the time an effort. Those who want bragging rights, can buy a a score card purchased in Kalgoorlie or Ceduna, and after presenting the completed card they can claim a Nullarbor Links Certificate for playing “the World’s Longest Golf course”.


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Unfortunately, because of the Covid19 pandemic, the border between Western and Southern Australia is closed, so the Nullabor Links course cannot be complained. However, management hopes to reopen the world’s longest golf course “as soon as possible”.


Oh, and just in case 1,365 kilometers seems too long for a golf course, you’ll probably surprised to know that in 2017 a man set a new record for the longest golf hole by hitting a ball over 2,000 kilometers across Mongolia.