All Kabaddi World – Pakistan’s Insane Version of the WWE

All Kabaddi World is a popular Facebook channel that popularized a bombastic, over-the-top version of the ancient wrestling art of kabaddi. It’s basically a Pakistani version of World Wrestling Entertainment.

The first time I watched a clip posted by All Kabaddi World, I was confused yet enthralled by these two topless men that seemed to chase each other around a dirt ring while slapping the hell out of each other. They were slapping each other on the cheeks, the chest, their bellies, all to the cheers of a huge crowd. Every once in a while one of them got thrown to the ground and fell in a really exaggerated manner that explained the “wwe” in the Pakistani title I didn’t understand. This was a really unique, yet strangely-entertaining take on American wrestling.

Kabaddi is a contact team sport that can be traced back to ancient India and that was popularized as a competitive sport in the 20th century, but the spectacle of All Kabaddi World is something different. Most of the clips show one-on-one matches that are obviously scripted. Even the referees can be seen smiling as the opponents smack each other in blinding flurries. True kabaddi, on the other hand is a team sport that requires actual wrestling skills.


But there is no questioning the entertainment value of this wacky version of American wrestling. The crowds obviously love it, and judging by the rapidly growing popularity of the All Kabaddi World Facebook page, it’s about to blow up online as well.


Unfortunately, I was unable to find any kind of information on this new form of entertainment, so if you have any kind of useful info to share, please leave a comment below!


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