Broken-Hearted Dog Stands Guard over Dead Mate’s Body for over a Week

Even in the animal kingdom, the loss of a loved-one isn’t easy, and this grieving dog, on the outskirts of Filippovka, a village in Russia’s Perm region, is proof of that.

His mate had been by a car while trying to cross the road, over seven days ago, but he’s still standing guard over her body, hoping she will wake up. Eye-witnesses say the dog dragged his mate from the road right after she was hit and hasn’t left her side since. He kept trying to move her with his paws and keep her warm with his own body, and the story of his loyalty spread among the locals in just a few days. Children and even adults who passed by and heard his heartbreaking whines and howls, and saw him standing guard over her body often broke into tears. “It’s very sad. He won’t let anyone near her and he keeps trying to warm her up with his own body”, a local said.

Realizing the dog’s mate isn’t even going to wake up, some villagers tried to lure him away from her body, so they could bury her, but the grieving canine won’t let anyone get withing ten feet of her, not even when tempted with meat. Everyone in Filippovka was touched by this sad love story. “We call them Romeo and Juliet”, one of the villagers said, adding that such devotion and tenderness is most times hard to find among humans.


When he finally realizes he’s not coming back, this special dog will have plenty of homes to choose from, as many compassionate villagers want to adopt him, after witnessing his display of loyalty.

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