DIY Enthusiast Uses Various Foods to Fix Furniture, Leaving It as Good as New

A Chinese DIY enthusiast has become an overnight sensation thanks to his unusual approach to solving household problems. He uses foods like instant noodles, Oreo cookies and rice to expertly fix various pieces of furniture, leaving them as good as new.

The unconventional handyman, who goes by Xiubandrng on Chinese video upload platform Douyin, has been wowing Chinese fans with his skills for months, but the Western world was only introduced to his amazing DIY work this week, when a video of him repairing a broken sink with dry noodles and glue went viral on several social networks. He just fills the hole in the sink with noodles, pours some glue over them, smooths it out with an abrasive strip and paints the whole thing white. When he’s done, the sink looks brand new.

Xiubandrng sink restoration video left millions of people awe-struck, but it turns out it’s just one of many food-repair videos he has uploaded in the last few months. In another one he uses grains of rice, glue, paint and varnish to fix a badly damaged sofa handle, and there’s also footage of him fixing wooden furniture with minced tobacco and glue, a wooden table with egg and biscuits, or a bench repaired with crushed Oreo cookies. There’s virtually nothing this guy can’t repair with some food and glue.


31-year-old Xiubandrng, who reportedly hails from Qingdao, was already a minor celebrity in China, where his Douyin account numbers hundreds of thousands of fans, but he’s now earned a following in the wast as well. Hopefully he’ll start uploading his mesmerizing DIY repair videos on a western social media platform too.

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