Guy Mesmerizes Japanese Social Media with His Ability to Create Giant Clumps of Foam Out of Tiny Drops of Lather

A Japanese Twitter user has been getting a lot of attention online for his ability to create large, dense clumps of foam out of tiny drops of lather or soap, using only his hands.

Ever wish you could produce the same kind of frothy, dense foam as an expensive foam dispenser using only your hands? I know, me neither, but Japanese Twitter user ‘Karin’ (@na_mi_da) has taught himself to do just that, and his seemingly useless ability has mesmerized hundreds of thousands of his countrymen. A video he posted, in which he rubs and squeezes his hands to turn a bit of lather into a fluffy clump of dense foam that then sticks to his hands has been retweeted nearly 140,000 times and received over 450,000 likes. For some reason, people just can’t stop talking about cool this man’s talent is.

“What an amazing talent! It looks like you could even whip up egg whites into a meringue!” one impressed Twitter user wrote.

“Awesome! It’s mysterious and relaxing to watch,” another person commented.

Karin’s technique doesn’t really seem that complicated. he just takes a bit of lather, adds water and starts rubbing it in his hand. He then squeezes the foam as it starts to form, causing it to expand even more. By the end of his demonstration, the foam is so dense that it sticks to his palms even when held upside down. It all looks easy to replicate, although I myself have yet to try it. I guess people just didn’t think to do it before watching him.

After seeing the overwhelmingly positive feedback to his videos, Karin started to spice things up a bit, using a bar of soap instead of lather or face washing cream, and the result was equally impressive.

Interestingly, Karin considers this his only real talent, and he just posted his first video to share that talent with the world. Little did he know it would make him a Twitter star overnight.

“I, who am nothing, have but one talent, so I would like to show it to you,” the human foam maker wrote in one of his Twitter posts.

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