Japanese Youtuber Finds Online Fame by Cooking Stuff on His Computer’s CPU

Japan has always been a rich source of wacky news and ideas, and it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon. Its latest offering – a YouTube channel focused mainly on cooking various foods on a hot computer CPU.

You probably already know that CPUs tend to get very hot, especially under load, but you’ve probably never thought of using a CPU as a hotplate to cook various foods on. Well, one Japanese YouTuber recently has and his videos have been getting quite a lot of attention recently. To be honest, he has been at it for at least six years, but the quality of his videos has drastically improved over time, which may explain why we’re only now seeing his works shared on social media. From boiled and fried eggs, to tiny wagyu steaks and even tiny donuts, there’s nothing this guy won’t try cooking on a hot computer processor.

たれみみChannel, which Google translates as “Samurai Channel, posts lots of biking and camping related videos as well, but it’s definitely his CPU cooking clips that get the most views. Some of his videos have over 100,000 views, which is pretty high considering he only has about 8,000 subscribers. He may be on to something here…


“Ah so that’s what they mean by processed meat,” one person commented on one of the dozens of CPU cooking videos on Samurai Channel.


“When you finally bought a PC, but you forget to buy a stove,” someone else jokingly wrote.



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