Man Proposes to Girlfriend after Losing Cage Fight, Gets Rejected in Front of 20,000 People

Amateur MMA fighter Lukasz Bukovac recently went 0-2 in one night despite having fought just one opponent after getting his marriage proposal brutally rejected by his girlfriend in front of 20,000 people.

They say you should never kick someone while they’re down, but some would say Lukasz Bukovac brought it upon himself when he decided to propose to his girlfriend inside the octagon, after losing an MMA fight. Even if he had won, there was no guarantee the girl would say yes, but getting rejected in front of 20,000 spectators is so much more painful after a loss. Unfortunately, Bukovac had to just stand there on one knee and hear his visibly embarrassed girlfriend shoot down his marriage proposal for alleged infidelity, in front of tens of thousands of people. To make it worse, the whole thing was filmed and the video is now going viral around the world.

“After everything that happened between us, after the betrayals on your part, I don’t think this is a good idea. I say no,” Bukovac’s girlfriend tells the purple-haired fighter as he just sits there with his right hand extended toward her, holding a ring.

In a slightly longer video, the two can be heard exchanging more words, but the outcome appears to be the same. While all this is happening, a person who appears to be from Bukovac’s team approaches the cage and throws water on the fighter’s girlfriend in protest of her rejection.

The short clip has already gone viral online, with at least two separate videos getting multiple millions of views on X(Twitter) alone. Generally, people seem to be siding with Lukasz Bukovac, saying that he dodged a bullet, as a good woman wouldn’t give her man a second L after already losing a fight. They also appear to be ignoring her infidelity accusations, and the fact that he put himself at risk of humiliation by proposing in such bizarre circumstances.

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