You Know It’s a Hot Day When Eggs Start Hatching in the Back of Moving Trucks

A video doing the rounds on Chinese social media these days shows chicks hatching in the back of a truck stacked with egg cartons as it’s driving around on what must have been a very hot day.

Ever hear the phrase “it’s so hot outside, you could hatch a chicken egg”? Me neither, but it’s apparently a thing that can happen, at least judging by this viral video from China. It shows a truck carrying dozens of egg cartons, and chicks literally hatching from the eggs as it’s driving along. It’s only a few seconds long, but you can clearly see at least five hatched chicks, as well as some tiny feet breaking through the egg shells and some empty shells.

It’s not clear when or where in China the footage was shot, but it was clearly a very hot day. Southeastern China has been experiencing some unusually hot weather for this time of year, but hot enough to cause chicken eggs to hatch without incubation? That’s too much.


The video has caused a heated debate on Chinese social media, with many complaining about the conditions in which edible eggs are transported. Others however pointed out that edible eggs are unfertilized, so it’s impossible for chicks to hatch from them. These are eggs specifically designed for breeding. Even so, I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to hatch on a moving truck.

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