Outrageous Korean High-School Yearbook Photos Yield Hilarious Results

Let’s face it – no one’s particularly proud of their high school yearbook picture. Or are they? We just found out that South Korean schools are allowing kids to get away with all kinds of bizarre poses. The phenomenon is not just limited to one school – these pictures from several yearbooks are doing the rounds on the internet.

You really have to hand it to these kids, they are absolutely hilarious. In some of the pictures from Jeonju Haesung High School, the students appear to be posing in costumes of their future professions. So you can spot a diver, a farmer, a fisherman, an archer and a barber, all sporting weird expressions. But soon they begin to lose the plot. There’s Ironman, followed by The Joker, and a boy dressed like a nun.

There’s also this guy with soap all over his face and hair (his future ambition is to take a bath?). A Supermario jumps high in the air, while one boy is a Playboy bunny. And the picture I found most hilarious was of this guy sniffing a plant. Perhaps his life’s goal is to do weed all day?

Seriously, I think Korean school authorities must really be awesome to let their students go crazy like this. Kudos to them!

















Source: Today Humor via Kotaku

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