John Wick Lookalike Goes Viral in Thailand

Clips of a man bearing a shocking resemblance to Keanu Reeves’ iconic film character John Wick selling street food in Thailand have been going viral online, fueling theories that the stylish assassin had retired in the Asian country.

A few days ago, a short video with the caption “John Wick stopped killing people and turned to selling coffee and grilled squid” went viral on Thai social media, because the man featured in it bore a shocking resemblance to the popular action film character. Only here, he was not gunning down or beating up people, but selling street food and cleaning food bowls. Soon enough, other videos of the mysterious John Wick lookalike followed, including some in which he wore a suit and white tie, just like the action hero. People joked that he must be on a mission in Thailand, while others said that he was done with killing bad guys and had retreated as a street food seller.

Photos: Tuktiklife/TikTok

Thailand’s mysterious John Wick became an overnight sensation, with major news outlets in the country working hard to identify him. In the end, the man’s wife revealed his identity and quenched everyone’s search for answers. Apparently, the real-life John Wick is a German man currently visiting his wife’s home country and making waves with his uncanny resemblance to the iconic assassin.

Photos: Tuktiklife/TikTok

The woman, nicknamed Tuk, told Thai TV program ‘Ruang Lao Sao Arthit’ that she had noticed her husband’s resemblance to Kean Reeves while in Germany, so she suggested that he dye his blonde hair and beard black for an even greater effect. Her idea worked, and soon people were asking to take photos with him when they went out. So when they made the trip to Tuk’s family home in Pak Chong district, Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima province, they got similar reactions.

It turns out that Tuk posted some of the viral videos herself on her TikTok channel, “tuktiklife“, but the idea of her husband working as a street food seller was apparently his. The nine clips shared by Tuk show the real-life John Wick making coffee, selling grilled cuttlefish, washing dishes, and visiting Bangkok’s Wat Arun in Thai traditional attire. They got between 106,000 and 4.7 million views each, turning the German man, whose real name is Andreas, into a local celebrity.

“Thank you to the Thai people for welcoming me. Thai people are lovely, especially my wife,” the John Wick lookalike told Thai reporters.

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