Spanish Woman Claims She Owns the Sun and Wants to Collect Taxes

Angeles Duran, a woman from the Galician region of Spain, claims she is the rightful owner of the sun, and intends to have everyone pay taxes if they want to keep enjoying its rays and warmth.

It sounds crazy, and the notary Angeles Duran consulted in the matter thought the same thing, but her arguments had him questioning the possibility of someone actually becoming the owner of the burning star. There is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals. An American was quick to pronounce himself owner of all planets and the moon, but he forgot to mention the sun, so she’s now claiming possession.

Angeles Duran is also considering asking people to pay a tax if they want to keep in enjoying the sun’s benefits. She has already consulted the Spanish Ministry of Industry and explained that her claim isn’t outrageous at all. If you can place taxes on rivers, why couldn’t she do the same with the sun, right. In her infinite generosity, the woman is prepared to give 50% to the state budget, 20% to the minimum pension budget, 10% to research, and another 10% to end world hunger. She is only considering keeping 10% for herself.

via La Voz de Galicia

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Feedback (22 Comments)

  • clark Posted on November 26, 2010

    I can’t wait till the skin cancer law suits start coming her way

  • Guyeva Posted on November 26, 2010

    So what’s she gonna do if we don’t pay? Turn off the sun????

  • Josh Posted on November 27, 2010

    Excuse me but I do not want to be receiving this service anymore thank you… What’s that? you can’t cancel it? I know my rights, I won’t be forced into paying for stuff I already declared I want not. A lawsuit is in order.

  • Spooky Posted on November 27, 2010

    I can already imagine an ammendment going something like : if you don’t want to be receiving this service anymore, please crawl under a rock and stay there, thank you…

  • Sinister181 Posted on November 27, 2010

    That is the single-most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  • vijay kapnadak Posted on November 27, 2010

    she can take the sun (son) and keep it on her where it will not shine.

  • Karen Coffelt Posted on November 27, 2010

    Preposterous! Even if you could tax a person on this, you couldn’t revoke our privileges of enjoying it’s benefits. You just can’t turn off the sun to each individual who doesn’t pay the tax. Just won’t work. Anyhow, too many people would protest it.

  • Steven Robert Binnion Posted on November 27, 2010

    Angeles Duran thinks she legally owns the sun huh? Technically correctly she can’t legally own it, as she IS a NATION/country of bloodcells, particles, free radicals, etc. (of whatever [mixed?] ancestral stock ‘Duran’ comes from) — Legally a nation is NOT allowed to own stars, etc. ๐Ÿ˜€ As winner of this case I hand back the sun to it’s rightful ownerS – Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and France ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gus Posted on November 27, 2010

    “clark Posted on November 26, 2010

    I canโ€™t wait till the skin cancer law suits start coming her way”

    Neither can I, and on top of all the damages that a solar flare causes to telecomunications, satellites etc. She’d better sell it to the man from the USA that has already claimed the Moon and the rest of the planets, so he can have the whole collection.

  • aleem Posted on November 29, 2010

    “And He it is Who created the night and the day, and sun and the moon. They float each in an orbitโ€ฆ And from among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Prostrate not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate to Allah Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.” (21:33, 41:37) THE HOLY QURAN

  • Jessica Posted on November 29, 2010

    Cuckoo:) Right, just 10%. Ha-ha-ha

  • Matthew Posted on November 29, 2010

    This woman is a moron. Plain and simple. You can claim ownership of the sun all you like but you don’t actually own it and you can’t stop me from receiving sunlight if I don’t pay you. Have fun being stupid, Angeles, It’s a nice day here and I’m going to go outside and bask in the sun; free of charge.

  • Hakeem Posted on November 30, 2010

    Sounds dumb, you cannot claim to own and charge a tax for something you cannot control and for which excluding someone from the benefits cannot be enforced…unless the Spanish government wants to help her enforce the tax.. Be careful everyone, maybe skin cancer is a way of enforcement and if you pay the tax you wont get it.

  • asd Posted on December 9, 2010

    If I don’t pay will she turn of the sun…I think not so she can stick a fire ball up her [email protected]!

  • qwerty Posted on December 13, 2010

    pay taxes oxygen, life tax, water tax and health tax first before you collect solar tax

  • Teaghan Posted on December 14, 2010

    K first of all, she is insane! how could anyone let her do this!? what is she gonna do when no one pays!? sue us? tun off the sun? she needs mental help. and ya cause that is so just what we need, were just barely pulling out of a recession and she wants to give us another tax? has she lost her marbles? i will pay a idiocy tax before i pay this.

    why is the governement letting her get away with this!? no wonder we were in recession!!! the governments are a bunch of idiots! geez

    someone should put her on the first boat to shutter island

  • matthew Posted on January 30, 2011

    She can’t own the sun, because it said that no country can claim a planet or star as their own.

    She is technically a citizen of spain, and spain is a country. she can’t own the sun because she is from spain. therfor what she is doing is violating the international law. Plain and simple she is mentally unstable and should get help…… if she does actually try to enforce tax on us, I will take the B!tch down.

  • Ravi Posted on May 14, 2011

    I own The Sun and it’s free to use by everyone as long as there is life on earth.

  • Puff the Magic Dragon Posted on August 8, 2011

    Great, I want to sue her for the pain and suffering I received when her sun burned me. I also want to be reimbursed for all the sunblock I need to by for not only myself, but my children and husband, soweI don’t get skin cancer.

    And there should be a class action suit against her by all the skin cancer victims. The should receive compensation for the pain and suffering and the disfigurement of the cancer for which HER sun is responsible.

  • Mark Posted on December 4, 2011

    I seriously cant believe how stupid people are. It actually angers me.