Fit for a Royal Behind – Hanebisho, the World’s Most Expensive Toilet Paper That Costs $17 a Roll

If you’ve recently run out of things to spend your mountains of cash on, you may want to try the outrageously expensive Hanebisho toilet paper. It’s considered the most luxurious and most expensive toilet paper in the world.

From the $91,500 crocodile skin t-shirt to the $97,060 GRV goldRally car wax, we’ve featured some pretty outrageous things the world’s rich and famous like to spend their money on, but none as crazy as the Japanese exclusive toilet paper known as Hanebisho. For people who feel their derrière deserves the best money can buy, there’s simply no alternative to this beautifully adorned work of art. As you can see in the photos below, a three-pack of Hanebisho will set you back ¥5,000 ($51), while the eight-pack can be yours for ‘just’ ¥10,000($102), which means a single roll ranges from $13 to $17. That’s a whole lot more than what the average person spends on toilet paper, not to mention the darned thing is just 2-ply. At this stage, you’re probably wondering what on Earth makes Hanebisho toilet paper so special that people are willing to spend a small fortune on it? Where do I begin?


Photo: Ottimo

First of all, Hanebisho paper is made only with the highest quality wood fiber pulp imported from Canada, and treated with water from the clearest stream in Japan, the Nyodo River (which ranked first in the 2010 Japanese National River Water Quality Ranking). The production process is similar to that of pancakes – if the heat from the burner is too high, the bottom will burn and the middle will be dry, so to make sure each Hanebisho turns out perfectly soft, the toilet paper is dried more slowly than usual methods to make it nice and fluffy. The production process is adjusted for temperature and humidity on a daily basis, so no two days’ production methods are the same. Once the paper is ready, the maker of each roll writes their name and date of production on it, before sending it to the company president for inspection. For the last 10 years, he has tested every Hanebisho roll on his own skin to make sure it fits the set standard of quality. The rolls are then sent to the design department, where “the most fastidious of fastidious artisans” decorate them with intricate patterns, ensuring that the design remains stylish no matter where the toilet paper is torn. Sounds pretty impressive, right? But wait, there’s more!


Photo: Fuwafuwa-roll

The packaging of Hanebisho is just as amazing as the product itself. Each roll is carefully wrapped in Tosa washi (a special Japanese paper from Kochi Prefecture) and placed in decorative boxes handmade by Kyoto artisans. The inside of each box is covered with sliver leaf. According to the Hanebisho website, the toilet paper is “the ultimate in softness and Japanese modern design” and feels “as if your skin is being gently swathed in silk”. But don’t take their word for it, the luxurious product has apparently been presented to the Emperor of Japan for five years, so if it’s good enough for his royal behind, you’re bound to love it yourself. Client testimonials on the website sound very impressive as well: “I gave my father Hanebisho for a Father’s Day present. He thought the wrapping paper and toilet paper itself were so beautiful he put them on display in the living room! He looked very happy,” one satisfied customer writes.


Photo: Ottimo

Only 150 Hanebisho toilet paper rolls are produced each day.

Source: Fuwafuwa-roll via Mel’s Adventures in Japan, Ottimo