Would You Pay $91,500 for a Crocodile Skin T-Shirt?

French luxury goods manufacturer Hermes has recently made headlines after it’s been discovered that its flagship store on Madison Avenue is selling a crocodile skin shirt for the mind-blowing price of $91,500.

Yes, today is April 1st, but this story is no joke. The pricey men’s garment was actually presented last fall as part of Hermes’ spring 2013 “crocodile chiffon” collection, but was only recently spotted in the company’s New York store. Judging by the French brand’s reputation for outrageous prices and the fact that the t-shirt is apparently made of innovative lightweight crocodile skin, everyone expected it to cost a small fortune, but probably not as much as four decent cars. Most people wouldn’t pay more than $30 for at-shirt, but that didn’t stop Hermes from slapping a $91,500 price tag on its black crocodile tee. Pretty unbelievable right? That’s what bloggers from The Awl thought, so before breaking the story, they managed to snap a shot of the label as evidence, despite the store’s no-photo policy. While the technology behind making Hermes crocodile skin clothes lighter and less sticky during the hot summer months may be impressive, does it really justify the astronomical price?


Photo: GQ

And as if a single one of these pricey garments wasn’t enough, Hermes has confirmed it has a whole range of crocodile chiffon shirts, priced between $60,000 and $100,000. The majority of consumers is probably laughing at the thought of spending that kind of money on a single t-shirt, but animal rights organization PETA is not amused. “The highest price for this rather cheap-looking and ludicrous Hermès T-shirt is paid by the crocodiles who were bludgeoned to death or even skinned alive to make it,” spokeswoman Colleen O’Brien told TODAY.com. “PETA suggests showing creativity, not cruelty to animals, and offering killer looks that no one had to be killed for to create.”


Photo: The Awl

Believe it or not, this is actually not the most expensive t-shirt available today. That title goes to a $400,000 organic cotton tee decorated with 16 certified-handset diamonds. It’s true, you only live once, but this is just crazy…