Indonesian Mayor Shuts Down Luxury Cinema Because Bed Seats Promoted Adultery

Indonesian cinema chain CGV has been forced to shut down their Velvet Class venue in the city of Palembang because the ultra-comfortable seats made local authorities uncomfortable.

CGV Velvet Class cinemas are awesome! Instead of regular seats, or even reclining ones, they feature leather beds complete with pillows and blankets, for a ridiculously comfortable movie experience. They have been operating in Jakarta and around Indonesia for years now, with no problems, but recently a deputy mayor South Sumatran capital of Palembang decided that switching regular movie theater seats with comfortable beds was a very a bad idea.

Deputy mayor Fitrianti Agustinda visited the CGV Velvet Class cinema in Palembang, last week, after reportedly receiving complaints about it from the public. The local official was apparently scandalized upon seeing the beds, arguing that they could promote adultery and sexual misconduct.


Photo: Cinta Fitri/Facebook

“I want an explanation,” Fitrianti told journalists present at the cinema. “If it’s like this, those that don’t want to watch the movie can still use it for something else.”

The CGV manager tried his best to convince the deputy mayor that there was no reason for concern, telling her that Velvet Class cinemas were not only meant for couples, but also families who wanted to watch a movie together in a more comfortable setting. The man added that his cinema had video surveillance to monitor the activities of movie-goers, but the official would not budge.


Photo: Cinta Fitri/Facebook

Fitrianti Agustinda ordered that the Velvet Class theater be shut down until they changed the sin-promoting beds with regular seats, and warned management that if they disobeyed her order and continue to operate this way, their business license would be revoked.

The cinema manager told local reporters that the company had already obtained permission from the Government to operate in Palembang, and that CVG had been running Velvet Class theaters around Indonesia for years, without any problems. However, he agreed to shut down the place and make the necessary changes.


The audacity of these people! Don’t they know that comfy beds and low light conditions always result in hot steamy…activities?

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