New York Surgeon Offers $10,000 Charity Donation for Introduction to Woman of His Dreams

Dr Emil Chynn, a successful New York surgeon, has tired of traditional dating methods, so he’s offering tens of thousands of dollars to whoever helps him find the woman of his dreams.

So what does a person do in order to “outsource” the work of finding a suitable life partner? Well, the latest thing Dr. Chynn did was post an eye-catching personal ad in Columbia University’s alumni magazine. The advert in the Spring 2012 issue of the magazine reads: “LASEK SURGEON: Featured in NY Times/Wall Street Journal. Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Emory, NYU degrees. Seeks smart, sweet, skinny SWF, 30, for marriage. $10,000 donation to your charity for intro!” The young surgeon says he chose that number because it’s what a good matchmaker in New York City charges, so he the money to charity, instead.

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But Chynn is no stranger to matchmakers and dating sites. In the past, he has spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find that perfect someone to start a family with. “I paid this one matchmaker $10,000, and I dated a girl he set me up with for a bit, but it didn’t end up working out,” the 45-year-old doctor told ABC News. “And that matchmaker was kind of a jerk. So I figured, instead of paying some random guy that money, I’ll narrow my pool and then give the money to charity.” Over the years, he has used six high-end matchmaking services and paid $10,000 several times over, but it didn’t do him much good.

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The search for the perfect woman started in 2004, when he was an MBA student at NYU. He began spreading the word that he was ready to mingle, and, “in true business school fashion”, his classmates started asking the good doctor what was in it for them if they found him a suitable date. Ha greed to make the search worth while for his colleagues, and began offering $100 per date for the first ten dates, $10,000 for an engagement and another $10,000 for a wedding. The two larger fees were offered by Emil’s parents, who are desperate to see him married. But this arrangement didn’t work out the way he had planned, so two years ago he placed an ad for an assistant and offered a $10,000 bonus if the person who got the job also managed to find him a wife. he has also paid a woman $100 to write his profile, and paid a man $100 per woman to correspond with his matches until he got their phone numbers, at which point Dr. Chynn took over. None of these methods worked, but he’s hoping this latest one will.

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But what makes Emil Chynn’s dream woman so hard to find? “I have parameters and I can’t be sure I’ll find someone who meets them by going to a bar,” he says. These parameters include: non-smoker, intellectually curious, wants children but doesn’t have any yet, around 30, pretty, skinny and white. It’s precisely these last two that he believes are making the search so difficult. Also, as head of a surgical practice in New York, he doesn’t have the time to go out and look for that perfect someone himself. “I’m busy. I don’t have time to go out to a bar,” Chynn says.

About his latest attempt to find The One, Emil Chynn says “The responses I’ve gotten so far have been so positive, I think I’m going to put the ad in the alumni papers of the four other schools I went to!” Despite all the money he’s spent over the years on these unusual dating methods, Chynn says he’s just a normal guy looking for love in the big city…

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Feedback (4 Comments)

  • someguy Posted on May 21, 2012

    If he’s too busy and doesn’t have time to go out to a bar, to have fun, mingle and to look for a mate normally, how does he expect a single white, pretty and skinny female to want to marry and have kids with him? He’s so busy with work, he probably won’t have the time to spend to care and have fun with them.

    He’s basically looking for a hot, gold digging housewife that will pump babies for him, but at the same time has to be smart. What good looking intellectual woman would want a guy like him? He wants “pretty, skinny and white” but what happens when they get fat after having his babies?

    His best bet it seems is to get a mail order bride from some poor eastern European country. That or he has to lower his age because most 30 year old educated American woman would not go for that. He could easily get some hot and dumb 18 to early 20-something to marry and pump babies out for him though.

  • Jane Posted on May 22, 2012

    It’s amazing how a short, to the point ad can be expanded by people into something sinister. I don’t see anything in the ad about looking for a “hot” woman. “Healthy conscious” is how I read his true desire when I called him to find out what he truly meant by the ad. You see, when I saw readers going off the deep end in comments on another site, I thought I’d find out what this guy was like for myself, straight from the horse’s mouth. I was really surprised when he answered my email and offered to answer my questions by phone. So, I called him at his clinic, Park Avenue LASEK. We had a very pleasant conversation. He is an analytical person who has the verve to put himself out there. Most people won’t take risks, but if he thinks openly stating his needs and asking for help, he will do it. He also said he didn’t mind other people calling his office and asking his assistant if he has time for a quick chat. That takes courage, in my view.

  • amienotale Posted on May 28, 2012

    I am passing through financial crises I need help so that I can go back to school

  • Element Posted on June 1, 2012

    He is just looking for another person to exploit in his self-centered world. A body, an image, a genetic pool, a free nanny, arm candy. Imagine spending your life being treated as breeding stock, concubine, escort, domestic help, and don’t think you are going to be financially set. Expect a prenup that gives you nothing if you ever try to escape. Good luck getting child custody after his press machine is done with you.