The Sad Story of a Man Who Refuses to Wear Pants and Only Puts on Skirts or Dresses

44-year-old Vladimir Fomin, from Kineshma, a town in Russia’s Ivanovo Region, is a very peculiar man. He became somewhat of a celebrity in his country after he was expelled from the University of Mathematics for refusing to wear pants and walking around in women’s clothing.

Vladimir certainly isn’t the only man in the world who prefers skirts and dresses to pants, but his reasons are definitely unique. He is not gay nor a transvestite, nor does he want to attract media attention. He just wants to stand up for the rights of men to wear whatever kind of clothes they like. After all, women are allowed to wear pants, so why can’t men wear dresses or skirts, why is that regarded as weird? But his fight for the rights of the stronger sex have brought him nothing but trouble. Despite being one of the brightest students at the Ivanovo University of Mathematics and earning a scholarship, he was expelled because of his fashion choices, he was shunned by most of his friends and relatives and even verbally abused and beaten by locals in his home town for walking around in women’s clothes. But in spite of all these problems, Vladimir Fromin continues his fight for the right to dress any way he likes, and hopes to one day be able to walk around in his skirts without being discriminated against. And he has a wardrobe of over 30 women’s garments prepared…

There was a time when Vladimir wore pants. He even had a wife and children, but he says his views of men’s clothing have always been the same. In an interview with Russian newspaper Chronometer , Fromin said he had always been jealous of the Scots for being able to wear kilts, and of the ancient Romans and Greeks who also didn’t wear pants, and that the 25 years in which he forced himself to wear pants were the worst of his life. For the 44-year-old unemployed Russian, pants have a very negative effect on the mood, well-being and health of both men and women. In his eyes they are an abomination that was accepted by both sexes in order to hide most of their bodies and please their jealous partners. And apparently, he’s not the only one who feels that way; Vladimir claims there are thousands of people out there who call themselves his fans but are too afraid to imitate him.

Fromin’s plight started the day he started wearing women’s clothes, but it didn’t affect him that much until it got him expelled from the Ivanovo State University. After he heard a cleaning lady saying he was not right in the head and she was disgusted to even look at him, he got so angry that he took off all his clothes and decided to walk around his dorm in the nude shouting that if she didn’t like to look at him in skirts and dresses she would have to look at him naked. She filed a complaint, and that was all the university needed to have him expelled. Since then, he has tried reapplying, but because he was not allowed a place in the university dorms until he dressed like a proper man, he couldn’t afford to pay rent somewhere else and was again expelled for not attending classes. Vladimir Fromin says that if he was looking for fame, he could have achieved it in the fields of mathematics and science, but instead decided to give up on his career dreams in order to fight for what he believes in.

After being featured on several TV shows where he pleaded his cause, Vladimir’s situation worsened. He can’t get a job, because no one will hire a man wearing skirts and dresses, (although he is willing to make a compromise and wear only long ones), and locals in his Kineshma village have threatened to throw stuff at him if he so much passes by their windows dressed in his cooky clothes. Right now his only source of income are the vegetables he plants in his garden and that he sells at the market every day. But with winter just around the corner, that’s no longer an option. Still, he has no intention of “mutilating” himself by putting on pants…


Photos via Vladimir Fromin’s VKontakte page

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Feedback (7 Comments)

  • Josh Posted on November 13, 2012

    that sucks

  • Erik Estrada Posted on November 14, 2012

    I totally understand how he feels. I wore pantyhose and garter belts to work, and boy did I get reprimanded by my boss. But, then again, I am a motorcycle cop.

  • Steve W Posted on November 15, 2012

    The thing is, he’s right! The cultural expectation that men must not wear skirts, is sexist and has no legitimate justification.

  • Dave Posted on November 17, 2012

    While I don’t dress like a woman, I don’t have a problem with guys who want to. I think his problem is cultural. If he lived in San Francisco or NY, he may get a better reception. But he is in Russia.

  • really? Posted on November 28, 2012

    I’m sorry but this is too ridiculous. You’re a man, wear men’s clothes. These guys get upset when people call them crazy or gay, but really what should they expect? Somebody said earlier that there’s no legitimate reason not to let a man wear women’s clothing, but there’s no legitimate reason for a man to wear women’s clothes.

  • Free Thought Posted on November 30, 2012

    @ really?
    There is one legitimate reason for this man to wear women’s clothes. That is to challenge narrow-minded thinking. History is full of people who had the courage to rebel against “the norm”. They faced ridicule and violence and rejection. But, by their defiance, they changed minds and eventually freedom for others to live a life without interference from smaller minded people. This man is a hero.

  • selena Posted on December 2, 2012

    nothings wrong with wearing womens clothes.he’s fighting for HIS rights even though that is still super sad 44 and wears dresses why won’t he wear pants to work and later change into a dress or skirt