Woman Grows Nails for 22 Years Trying to Become Famous

Jazz Ison SInkfield, 48, from Atlanta, Georgia, hasn’t cut her finger nails in the last 22 years, in the hope that they might one day bring her the fame and glory she’s always been dreaming of.

Although she has difficulties performing the easiest of household chores, Jazz claims she feels “very, very blessed”. The nail-obsessed grandmother thinks she has a talent for growing and taking care of her long nails, because it’s not something anyone can do. I’m not very sure that’s true, considering she regularly visits the nail salon, for five-hour nail care sessions and spends over $500 every time; I’d say most other people choose not to spend their time and hard-earned money like that and avoid the complications that come with such “trophies”.

Mrs Sinkfield considers her long fingernails “a girl’s best friends” and can’t even conceive ever having to clip them. “I just can’t stop loving my kids, so how can I stop loving my nails?” she asks. Her longest fingernail is 24 inches long, and all of her painted “babies” add up to 19 feet. She’s very proud of what she’s accomplished and of the attention she draws whenever she goes out, but admits that not everyone is impressed. Some women will turn their nose up to her, but according to Jazz that’s only because they’re jealous. She feels everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they don’t have to be mean about it.

According to her husband, Antonio, Jazz Sinkfield pays more attention to her precious fingernails than she does to him. Plus, she needs help with almost everything, because her nails make her very slow. Washing her hgands can take up to 10 minutes, texting and typing are a lot more difficult when you can’t use your fingers, and she can’t even tie her own shoes. She can’t even take off her jewelry, because she’s afraid she might damage her diamond fingernails, and all because she wants to be famous and meet celebrities the likes of Oprah Winfrey. Do you think that’s worth it?

The record for the World’s Longest Nails was previously held by Lee Redmond, who had a total of 28 feet of nails, before losing them in a car accident, in 2009. Now Jazz probably has a chance to gain even more notoriety for setting a world record.

via Huffington Post

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