Amazing Works of Art Painted Only with Beer

Artist Karen Eland paints all kinds of portraits and paintings using nothing but beer.

The first time we featured Karen Eland on Oddity Central was when she took the art world by storm with her beautiful coffee paintings. She started her artistic career doing portraits with water color and colored pencils, but quickly moved on to painting with coffee, which really helped her make a name for herself. Now, after 14 years of creating art with the world’s favorite breakfast drink, Karen realized there are a lot of other drinks and foods she could experiment with, so she tried tea, beer, liquor, and lots of other stuff, but beer eventually proved the most successful.

Although it’s a lot like painting with water color, beer is a little more difficult to work with because it will come off if she spills a drop of water on it, and has to be layered on just right or the painting won’t come out right, but Karen says she’s really happy with how beer painting has turned out so far. She likes to show how rich the color of brown can be, and it’s apparently fun to do. Her career as a beer painter took off after an English ad agency commissioned her to do some work that they presented to Guinness and she has since then done many other paintings for breweries, restaurants and labels of beer. She also does commission work, so if you’re interested in having a beer painting contact Karen on her website,







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