Artist Writes Detailed Portraits of Dogs

Florida-based artist Stephen Kline has created a new artistic technique that allows him to draw detailed portraits of dogs, using only text. For example he can draw the portrait of a poodle just by writing the word ‘poodle’ a few hundred times. You’d think writing the same  word so many times would eventually get boring even for the most patient artist, but Stephen has so far created hundreds of these brilliant litographs of every dog breed you can think of.

Stephen Kline introduced his Lines of Language technique in 1999, and since then he’s gained thousands of art-collecting fans from 20 different countries and every state in the US. His litographs have so far generated tens of thousands of dollars for dog rescue centers around the world.








Photos via Stephen Kline’s Etsy shop.


Feedback (11 Comments)

  • Robin Posted on September 1, 2011

    Great art, great guy.

  • Stephen Kline Posted on September 1, 2011

    Thanks a bunch for showing off the doggies. The “Santa Claus” signature lithograph was the first print that started it all. I made the drawing by writing SEASON’S GREETINGS over and over. Several years back I sent a few friends the Santa print. The next holiday season I noticed that many had framed Old Saint Nick. The displaying of Santa has now become a yearly tradition. Check SANTA, AMERICAN BALD EAGLE, ARABIAN HORSE, BENGAL TIGER, FLORIDA MANATEE, WOLF, PENGUIN, PIG and all the 125 breeds of dogs at All best, Stephen Kline

  • Marty/ Donna Davis Posted on September 1, 2011

    Stephen, you are an amazing ARTIST that not only uses your God given talent to produce art in a way that shows your love for the Arts and at the same time donating back tens of thousands of dollars to help the very helpless among us, the many dogs that need a place to call home while waiting for someone to adopt them. You are to be admired for your work and at the same time THANKED for your charitable heart.
    Marty and Donna

  • Al Posted on September 1, 2011

    Very cool lithographs that will have great appeal to dog lovers.

  • Lyn Posted on September 4, 2011

    Very clever idea leading to very cool art. Do you do custom work? Or is there some way you can make it personal for a specific pet/animal?

  • D Posted on September 16, 2011

    Looks a lot like what Portlander Sienna Morris does, though her art is numerically/mathematically based: She calls her art numberism.

  • Spooky Posted on September 16, 2011

    Wow, thanks a lot for the link, D, I’ll definitely be doing a post on Sienna’s wonderful art