Influencer Slammed for Wearing Live Chick on Her Head as Bizarre Headgear

Filipino online influencer Abby Domer Salle has come under fire for alleged animal cruelty after being spotted wearing a live chick in a small metal cage on her head on the streets of Manila.

Inspired by Japanese Kawaii culture, the so-called ‘duckling fashion’ has become very popular in Southeast Asia in the last few years. The exact origins of this fashion trend are unclear, but it has been linked to anime series or characters. There are multiple variations of this trend all over the world, but in its simplest form it involves wearing decorative plastic or plush ducklings on one’s head. However, one Filipino influencer recently took this already unusual fashion trend and took it to an all-new level of weirdness by caging a live chick and wearing it in public as a bizarre hat.

Photos and videos of Abby Domer Salle, a young Filipino social media personality, walking around Manila with a days-old yellow chicken on her head have been doing the rounds online for a couple of days now, sparking the outrage of animal rights defenders the world over. Although Salle probably thought she was pushing the limits of fashion creativity with this stunt, she ended up sparking a debate about ethics in the influencer space.

“That is animal cruelty, the chick looks stressed,” one person commented on TikTok.

“I hope the chick is still alive,” someone else wrote.

Abby Domer Salle is a digital creator with over 53,000 fans on TikTok and 28,000 fans on Facebook.

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