Clothing Brand Specializes in Fashionable Hospital Patient Gowns

Lifte is a Japanese clothing brand that specializes in hospital patient gowns that are not only comfortable to wear but also look stylish.

Fashion is probably the last thing on most people’s minds when they need to spend time in a hospital, but Japanese clothing brand Lifte claims that dressing well is one important way to relieve stress as a hospital patient. You may not have your health, but that’s no reason not to dress nice. Lifte actually specializes in stylish, high-quality hospital gowns that not only look good on the wearer but are also considerably more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Photo: Lifte

No one likes being sick, so why make things even worse with ordinary hospital gowns? Most of the time, they don’t even fit well, and if they do, the fabric is so stiff that it makes them uncomfortable to wear. That’s where Lifte comes in. A joint venture between Classico, a medical supply company, and Elan, a company that provides hospital suit services, Lifte is a clothing brand catering exclusively to hospital patients.

Not only are Lifte gowns designed with fashion in mind, but they are also made from a special fabric that maintains its softness for longer, making the clothes more comfortable to wear. After more than 80 wash cycles with strong detergents, Lifte gowns still maintain their softness. Lifte gowns come in two types – classic and bathrobe – and four colors: pink rice, dusk blue, gray and wine red.

Photo: Lifte

Lifte strives to achieve the ultimate in design and aesthetics when it comes to hospital gowns. The brand’s ultimate goal is to make wearers less depressed about their situation by providing them with stylish, high-quality garments.

No word on pricing, but considering that Lifte is a premium alternative to standard hospital gowns, I think you can expect a spicy price tag.

Photo: Lifte

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