Meet Moffy, the Cross-eyed Model Challenging Fashion Beauty Standards

Moffy is not like every other female supermodel. Sure, she is young, beautiful, talented and has the right body measurements, but there’s also something that tells her apart from all the other professional models. Moffy is cross-eyed.

Most girls are denied a career in the modelling industry because of their physical “flaws”, but in young Moffy’s case, her strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other, was exactly what helped her succeed in the fashion world. Before her now-famous photo-shoot for POP Magazine, Moffy had never been photographed for a fashion mag, but her pure, unconventional beauty seduced everyone, even the people at Storm, the model agency that discovered Kate Moss, who recently signed Moffy. Tyrone LeBon, the photographer who worked with her for POP, said: “Moffy is a girl who my girlfriend Adwoa suggested to Max [Pearmain] and I. We chose to shoot her because we had recently shot with models and wanted a change. Moffy had never been photographed for a magazine and it’s always exciting to work with someone where there is uncertainty about how it might work out.” I for one think it turned out pretty awesome.


After Moffy’s first photos proved such a big hit, a lot of people were quick to label her as the “next big thing” in modelling, but as Messy Nessy Chic writes on her blog, “it probably is meaningless to put labels on Moffy and make all kinds of sensationalist claims” about her future. It will be interesting to see if her unconventional beauty will actually be able to change the very strict standards in today’s fashion industry.










Photos: Tyrone LeBon/POP Magazine, Luc Coiffait

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Feedback (2 Comments)

  • Bull Detector Posted on November 9, 2013

    I call BS on this one. Anybody can cross their eyes to look that way. We are so used to seeing perfect models with perfect features perfectly photoshopped that a cross eyed model is an anomaly and therefore unique. Once the other models start crossing their eyes then this marketing sham will fade quickly.

  • DocLegacy Posted on November 24, 2013

    I think she’s beautiful and special, that’s why she hits like a granade! But why not – she destroys the illusion that beauty has to be perfect in all way and maybe people now realize that “perfect” is absolutly subjective.

    Beautiful… – she really is….