Odd fishes you didn’t know about

Many of you might find all fish to be disgusting, but I for one never had a problem with how they look, I even found some of them to be really interesting. But I have to say everything changed as soon as I saw these pictures, these things look like monsters out of my worst nightmares!

Goliath Tigerfish

photo of Goliath Fish

Frilled Shark

photo of a Frilled Shark

Blob Fish

photo of a Blob Fish

Wolf Fish

photo of a Wolf Fish

Rat-tails or Grenadiers

Photo of a Rat-Tail fish

Photo of a Grenadier


photo of a Lamprey

photo of a Lamprey parasite

Basking Shark

photo of a Basking Shark

Goblin Shark

photo of a Goblin Shark

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Feedback (78 Comments)

  • daveydizl Posted on July 20, 2008

    Yay! More proof of intelligent design!

  • Lauren Posted on July 23, 2008



  • maria maddalena Posted on July 24, 2008

    wow!!! strafantastico!!!

  • Inigo Posted on July 27, 2008


    This is fish, not PS3…

  • RP Posted on August 24, 2008

    Man…”Odd fishes you didn’t know about”, pff. I’m a stumbler sir, you have shown me nothing new.
    Interesting none the less.

  • jeeb Posted on September 18, 2008

    These are all photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels, and I have also seen quite a few in my day.

  • jippy belly Posted on October 8, 2008

    I does like fishys but thesens look mighty frighnin!goblin shark made me laugh do becos his funny knob!

  • FOxXyYpOpUh Posted on October 12, 2008


  • diana dejane Posted on October 21, 2008

    anybody ever heard of photoshop? already seen these and they were proven not to be true

  • smelly finger Posted on November 1, 2008

    It appears to me that most of those complaining about grammar can’t spell worth a damn either. Everyone is a critic these days.

  • raymond Posted on January 13, 2009

    Actually, fishes is the correct word when referring to multiple fish of multiple fish species.

  • pål Posted on January 13, 2009

    Pretty sure the wolf fish is a cat fish.. ??

  • Enter Your Name Posted on May 1, 2009

    Dude im with ya! How could they! Just leave them be!!!!!!! And there not scary. There animals that are trying to live in this world.

  • chode lover Posted on May 13, 2009

    The PS3 is waaaay better than any of these fish. That one cock fish is most likely homosexual.

  • Obama Posted on June 18, 2009

    Bitch, you walk away saying “wolf eel not wolf fish”? I could be across this table in less than a second and bash your fucking face in.

  • slothman11 Posted on July 2, 2009

    dam nature you scary

  • soph Posted on October 23, 2009

    LOL if everyones so bothered about whether these fish are real or not why dont u look them all up on google and actualy learn something other than stating that they were photoshopped

  • nikki Posted on April 5, 2010

    these fishes are so weird. Imagine if you were swimming in the ocean and one of those fishes just swam by! That would be really scary(:

  • Gwen Posted on April 30, 2010

    I’m sorry to report that they are, in fact, quite real. Our oceans hold a lot that many people are not aware of. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but you probably should have double-checked your facts before you threw around photo-shopping accusations.

  • SmartyxOne Posted on May 5, 2010

    actually those are true pictures weve been researching them lately

  • perdaniel Posted on September 14, 2010

    Wolffish and Basking Shark are well known here in Norway. Most species of wolffish taste delicious, bute there is also one that is inedible. Basking Sharks have inedible flesh, but they used to be fished, I think it was for their liver. Wolffish are are called “steinbit” and Basking Sharks are called “brugde” in norwegian.

  • Way legit Posted on November 2, 2010

    These things are friggin realllll get a grip brahs… Pretty freaky looking things too lol

  • Johnny Sunshine Posted on March 4, 2011

    Tigerfish: Real
    Frilled Shark: Real
    Blobfish: Real
    Wolf Fish: Real
    Rat-tails: Real, but, fake pictures
    Lamprey: Real
    Basking Shark: Real
    Goblin Shark: Real

    Stupid people should not be stupid, and look stuff up before saying it doesn’t exist.

  • Santa Posted on August 24, 2011

    Oh! They are very dangerous and scary.

  • Tina Posted on December 9, 2011

    Why do they have ice in with the blob fish???

  • katie dafoe Posted on March 12, 2012

    I have always had an interest in fish but these fish I have never heard about and I was so terrified when I saw these pictures. I hope for everyones sake that no one comes across any of these so called fish when they are swimming in the ocean or wherever these things came from.

  • SDS-PAGE Posted on March 23, 2012

    These are real fish, they are not photoshopped. The Goliath tigerfish and the wolf fish were both featured on Animal Planet’s “River Monsters,” while the Basking shark is a very endangered species of harmless shark. The frilled and Goblin sharks are actually relatively small, while the lamprey is perhaps the deadliest of them all. They had an outbreak in the Great Lakes a while back and decimated the local fish population. They latch on and slowly eat their way inside of their prey.
    Go do some research before saying that these creatures were photoshopped. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.