The Hyperrealistic Paintings of Tom Martin

Tom Martin is a young English artist who  makes use of acrylic paint to create the most amazing paintings. Looking at them you could swear they are simple photographs, but in reality they are painstakingly painted by hand.

Hyperrealism evolved from the “photorealism” movement of the 1970s, and it’s dedicated to making artworks that are “more real than real”. Hyperrealists try not just copy a photograph with paint, but emphasize elements that were not evoked by the original. 23-year-old Tom Martin is already one of the most respected hyperrealist artist in the world, with works featured in art exhibitions all around the world.

Just have a look at his amazing super-sized paintings and tell me if you’d have known they aren’t simple photos or computer generated images.











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  • Maurice Posted on November 2, 2011

    Maybe I’m wrong here but isn’t it ultimately pointless to paint something so realistic as to look like a photo when you can just photograph it instead and get the same effect? At the end of the day the process itself is the art but after about the 50th time of explaining to someone why this is hanging in your house I assume the novelty would wear off.

    You’re basically looking at a boring photograph of objects when all is said and done.