The Incredible Hanging Temple of Hengshan

Similar, in a way, to the Hanging Houses of Cuenca, the Hanging Temple of Hengshan is an amazing display of architecture.

The Hanging Temple of Hengshan literally hangs on the side of Hengshan Mountain, sustain by only a few wooden poles. You would think this kind of a building couldn’t for hundreds of years, but it is believed the temple was built during the late Northern Wei Dinasty (386-534AD), by a monk called Liao Ran. It was restored during the 1900s.

The gravity-defying Hanging Temple of Hengshan is comprised of 40 chambers, liked through a network of passageways, and hosts not one but three religions. Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are all worshiped here, in harmony.

via Atlas Obscura (one of my favorite sites!)


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  • William Wallace Posted on October 8, 2009

    Amazing looking place, but even more amazing is the fact that you can get three different religions worshiping together in harmony. I feel that all the worlds religions should take a wee look and see how it is done.

  • Dave -nibbleanibble Posted on February 11, 2010

    Wow, I would be scared to look down. Looks like a nice big drop.

  • Uncle B Posted on February 17, 2010

    Sky-scrapers, monuments to men of great importance in New York City serve no greater mission! Same principle, different society. The assholes here fed monumental egos with their status marked by the difference of physical position, and were audacious enough to tempt the gods with their own versions of what is or isn’t. Fools on the hills while the peasants toil for food in the valleys below. In America, however, the fools on the hills have all the money and the peasants are about to face starvation by taxation and inflation. The next decades will build less sky-scrapers and more nuclear reactors for the toilers in the valleys, so that the fools on the hills will have heat and light. In China the same pattern unfolds, but in modern expression, and they build both as fast as the population explodes under them. America on the other hand is in reverse, and Detroit City crumbles with other cities to follow. The easy riches of America are gone, and the dark decades are upon us, even the white-shirts in their Ivory Towers suffer, a certain sign of our demise. No monk can stop nature’s cycle.

  • leila Posted on September 20, 2010

    So amazing !!! I caught the discovery episode of the Hanging Temple and I was so impressed when I found out that the slim columns are put there for the faint hearted and are not really for support