Human Fountain Sprouts Water from His Mouth Continuously for Six Minutes

A Chinese man recently set a new Guinness Record for the longest time to spray water from the mouth continuously, a whopping 5 minutes and 51.88 seconds.

Water sprouting is a fairly old trick that dates back to the 17th century. It involves drinking large amounts of water and then regurgitating it using muscle control. It’s not something that everyone can do, obviously, but we’ve seen some pretty impressive human water fountains over the years. However, none nearly as impressive as Ma Hui, a 35-year-old Chinese man who recently set a new Guinness record for the longest time spraying water from the mouth. To say that he smashed the previous record would be a gross understatement, considering that he managed to sprout water from his mouth for nearly six minutes, while the previous record holder, Ethiopia’s Kirubel Yilma, had managed to do it for “only” 56.36 seconds.

Photo: Guinness Records

To have the record validated by Guinness, the person attempting it must sprout water from their mouth continuously. As soon as the water stream breaks or stops, the record attempt officially ends. Now imagine slowly regurgitating water for a whopping 5 minutes and 51.88 seconds.

For this epic record attempt, Ma Hui drank 4.5 liters (1.1 US gallons) of water, and then regurgitated it all slowly, showing incredible muscle control. It may not look like he’s doing much, but his technique is truly unmatched.


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