World’s Longest Rideable Bicycle Is Over 55 Meters Long

Designed and built by eight Dutch engineers, the world’s longest rideable bicycle is 180 feet long (55.16 meters), roughly the same length as four double-decker buses.

39-year-old Ivan Schalk had been thinking about building the world’s longest bicycle since reading about it in a Guinness Book of Records when he was a child, but he only embarked upon this project in 2018, as a way to fill up his free time. He knew it wasn’t the kind of thing he could build himself, so he sought the help of like-minded people in his home village of Prinsenbeek, which is apparently well-known in the Netherlands for its tech-savvy residents. Together, they spent about four years –  not counting the two years of interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – working on the world’s longest bicycle, a metal behemoth that needs at least two riders.

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World’s Luckiest Man Grows 63-Leaf Clover

45-year-old Yoshiharu Watanabe can rightfully consider himself the world’s luckiest man after setting a new Guinness Record by growing a clover with 63 individual leaves.

What is luckier than a four-leaf clover? Well, a five-leaf clover, of course. By that logic, the more leaves a clover has, the more luck it brings, so Yoshiharu Watanabe may just be the luckiest man alive because he is the first to ever grow a clover with 63 leaves. His amazing story began in 2009 when he started picking up clovers with more than three leaves and planting them in his home garden. The little plant is pretty resilient, so all he had to do was cross-pollinate to obtain exceptional specimens with up to 20 leaves. It was at this moment that he started dreaming about setting a new world record, but he never dreamed of doing so with a 63-leaf clover.

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Woman Sets Guinness Record with 18 Tattoos of Madonna

A Kansas woman set a new Guinness World Record for ‘most tattoos of the same musician on the body’ with 18 portraits of legendary singer Madonna.

Tara Berry has been a fan of Madonna since 1983 when the pop icon put out her hit single ‘Borderline’, but she only started getting tattoos of her in 2016, at a time when the artist was actively looking for fans who had her tattooed on her bodies to appear in one of her videos. Tara had been wanting to do it for a while, and this gave her an extra incentive to finally go under the tattoo gun, but little did she know that it was just the beginning of her tattooing journey. She ended up getting a whopping 18 tattoos of Madonna on her body, enough to claim the Guinness record for ‘most tattoos of the same musician on the body’.

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The World’s Tallest Rideable Bicycle Is Over 25 Feet Tall

Two French biking enthusiasts recently set a new Guinness World Record for the ‘tallest rideable bicycle’ by building a 7.77-meter (25 ft 5 in) behemoth that can (barely) be ridden.

Nicolas Barrioz and David Peyrou came up with the idea for the world’s tallest bicycle 5 years ago, while drinking at a pub, but they actually decided to go through with the project and spent months putting together a plan to make it work. Made from metal alloy, steel, and wood, the unique bike took hundreds of hours to complete in a way that made it rideable, even for a short distance. It may not seem like a challenge, but building a 25-foot rideable bicycle is definitely not as easy as riding a bike. For example, the pedals are connected to the wheels via a 16-meter (53-ft) chain, and because of its extreme height, the bicycle has to move at a speed of around 15-20 km/h (9-12 mph) for the rider to maintain balance.

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English Mechanic Builds the World’s Fastest Wheelbarrow

Dylan Phillips, a car mechanic from Pembrokeshire, England, recently set a new Guinness Record for the world’s fastest wheelbarrow with a contraption capable of speeds of up to 52 mph (84 km/h).

The idea of a super-fast motorized wheelbarrow came about in a pub, after a few drinks, but Dylan Phillips, being the tinkerer that he is, decided that it was just the kind of crazy project he wanted to work on. The 38-year-old mechanic started working on the wheelbarrow in his shed in Crymych, Pembrokeshire, and before long, he had a working trial version. He reached 37 mph during a test drive, and that’s when he started looking into the world record for the world’s fastest wheelbarrow.  He learned that the Guinness record stood at 46 mph, and decided that it was worth a shot to challenge it.

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The World’s Heaviest Rideable Motorcycle Is Powered by a Tank Engine

Powered by a Soviet tank engine and weighing over 5 tons, the Panzerbike is by far the world’s heaviest rideable motorcycle.

The story of the world’s heaviest motorcycle can be traced back to 2003. Brothers Tilo and Wilfried Niebel of the Harzer Bike motorcycle shop in Zilly, Germany, were in Halberstadt where a former Red Army Barracks was being demolished. The two tinkerers have always been of the opinion that old materials can be repurposed, not just discarded, so they were there looking for parts to use in their custom motorcycles. While looking around, the two brothers found an impressive cutaway model of a Soviet T-55 tank engine and were so fascinated by it that they asked if they could have it. Little did they know that this would be the beginning of a very special project that would see them claim a Guinness Record and hold it for nearly two decades.

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Human Fountain Sprouts Water from His Mouth Continuously for Six Minutes

A Chinese man recently set a new Guinness Record for the longest time to spray water from the mouth continuously, a whopping 5 minutes and 51.88 seconds.

Water sprouting is a fairly old trick that dates back to the 17th century. It involves drinking large amounts of water and then regurgitating it using muscle control. It’s not something that everyone can do, obviously, but we’ve seen some pretty impressive human water fountains over the years. However, none nearly as impressive as Ma Hui, a 35-year-old Chinese man who recently set a new Guinness record for the longest time spraying water from the mouth. To say that he smashed the previous record would be a gross understatement, considering that he managed to sprout water from his mouth for nearly six minutes, while the previous record holder, Ethiopia’s Kirubel Yilma, had managed to do it for “only” 56.36 seconds.

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German Student Creates the World’s Fastest Toy Car

A German engineering student spent 10 months modifying a toy car and turning it into an extremely fast vehicle capable of reaching speeds of up to 92.24 mph (148 km/h).

31-year-old Marcel Paul has always been fascinated by Bobby Cars, a type of toy car that was invented to help children learn to walk but that gained a cult following among downhill racing competitors during the 1990s. With 14 World Championships and 9 European Championships under his belt, Paul is one of the most successful riders in the history of this wacky sport, but to really cement his legacy, he decided to do something even more ambitious – create the world’s fastest rideable toy car. It took him 10 months to research, design and build the tiny speed demon, but he was able to smash through the old record of 88 mph on his first try.

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Man Builds World’s Largest Matchstick Eiffel Tower, Is Denied Guinness Record on a ‘Technicality’

A Frenchman who spent the last 8 years assembling over 700,000 matchsticks into a 23-foot-tall replica of the Eiffel Tower has been denied the Guinness World Record because he didn’t use commercially available matchsticks.

Imagine putting your heart and soul into a project for almost a decade only to have your dream shattered at the very end due to a detail that never crossed your mind. That’s what 47-year-old Richard Plaud went through when he was denied the chance to have his name mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records after building the world’s tallest matchstick Eiffel Tower. He started working on the complex model in 2015 and poured roughly 4,200 hours of work into it over the last 8 years, painstakingly gluing 706,900 matchsticks into 402 panels that he then assembled into the impressive structure. But last year, as he was getting ready to complete the project, Plaud learned that his Eiffel Tower model wasn’t eligible for a Guinness Record.

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Woman Attempts Record-Breaking 127-Hour Sing-A-Thon

Ghanaian personality Afua Asantewaa Owusu Aduonum recently attempted to get her name into the Guinness Book of Records by attempting to sing continuously for 126 hours and 52 minutes.

Last month, women’s rights advocate, journalist, and event organizer Afua Asantewaa Owusu Aduonum tried to beat a world record that had been standing for over a decade. In 2012, Indian singer Sunil Waghmare sang non-stop for 105 hours, an incredible feat that required resilience, concentration, and mountains of energy. However, the Ghanaian woman claims to have beaten the old record by over 20 hours and is now waiting for confirmation from Guinness Records that her attempt was valid. She told journalists that she was hopeful of a favorable response in the coming days.

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Man Sets New Record for the Largest Nasal Flesh Tunnel

Colton Pifer currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest nasal septum flesh tunnel – a giant hole with a diameter of 2.6 centimeters.

Colton was 18 years old when he first decided to get his nasal septum pierced. It was a routine procedure that involved the use of a 16-gauge needle and forceps. It took about a week for the soreness to go away, and the Monroe, Michigan native pretty much left it alone for about five years. Then, at one point, he started stretching it to the point where he started noticing that no other piercing enthusiast had a septum flesh tunnel quite like his and that only encouraged him to stretch it even more. After researching the world’s largest nasal septum flesh tunnel, Colton Pifer realized he could beat it, especially since he was trying to stretch his nose hole even more anyway.

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Chinese Engineers Once Moved a 30,000-Tonne Bus Terminal with Hundreds of Hydraulic Jacks

Chinese engineers once set a Guinness World Record After Rotating a 30,000-tonne bus terminal in Xiamen 288 meters by using hundreds of hydraulic jacks and rolling tracks.

The Houxi Long Distance Bus Station is situated in the Jimei District of Xiamen, China’s Fujian Province.  Four years ago, local authorities decided to move one of its terminals from one street to another in order to make room for a new high-speed railway project. After weighing their options, engineers decided that the best solution was to rotate the gigantic building at a 90-degree angle, using one of its narrow sides as the center point. The far side of the terminals needed to slide along the ground for about 288 meters, which is hard to do with a structure that weighs 30,000 tons, or as much as 170 Boeing 737 passenger planes.

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14_year-Old Cat Sets Guinness Record for World’s Loudest Purr

Bella, a 14-year-old feline from Huntingdon, UK, has claimed the Guinness Record for the world’s loudest purr by a domestic cat, with a noisy purr measured at 54.59 decibels.

The Spink family has had Bella for almost 15 years, and they’ve always suspected that she might have the world’s loudest purr. Friends and family would always wonder at her loud purring, and Nicole Spink’s late husband would complain that she was louder than the TV. One day, they decided to put Bella’s purring to the test – they downloaded a smartphone app to measure the cat’s purr and were blown away by the result. She was louder than the Guinness World record for the loudest purr by a domestic cat, so they applied for an official record attempt.

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Meet ‘Iron Guts’, the Man Who Once Ate a Kilo of the World’s Hottest Peppers

Gregory ‘Iron Guts’ Barlow holds the Guinness record for most Carolina reaper Peppers eaten in a single sitting, 160. The Carolina Reaper is the world’s hottest chili pepper, by far.

Melbourne-based Greg Barlow doesn’t even like eating chili peppers or hot sauce, but he loves the attention it earns him, and he’s willing to put his stomach on the line for it. After getting acquainted with the burning sensation of eating one or more Carolina Reapers, Barlow approached the League of Fire, an organization that ranks the most badass chili eaters on the planet in various categories. One of the toughest challenges any competitive hot pepper eater can undertake is eating the most Carolina Reaper peppers in one sitting, but Iron Guts Barlow went straight for it, in his quest to become world champion.

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Man Gets Daughter’s Name Tattooed on His Body 667 Times, Sets Guinness Record

A UK man has set a new world record for the most tattoos of the same name on the body after having his daughter’s name tattooed a whopping 667 times.

Mark Owen Evans originally got his name mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records in 2017, when he was featured for having his daughter’s name tattooed on his back 267 times. However, in 2020, he was dethroned by Diedra Vigil, a 27-year-old woman who had her own name tattooed on her body 300 times. Even though there wasn’t much space left on his back, Evans was determined to get his world record back, so he kept having his daughter’s name, ‘Lucy’, on his thighs. After going under the needle for five and a half hours for all 400 tattoos – 200 on each leg – Mark once again holds the Guinness record for the most tattoos of the same name on the body – 667.

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