World Record – German Tourists Drink 1,254 Beers in 3 Hours

A group of 55 Germans vacationing in Mallorca, Spain, recently set a new world record for the most number of beers drunk in a period of three hours, 1,254.

The bizarre event took place in Playa de Palma, an area known for its active nightlife and often criticized as Spain’s capital of ‘drunken tourism’. A number of German tourists who didn’t know each other beforehand, coordinated through WhatsApp messaging groups and got together at a popular watering hole with the specific goal set by a group of fellow countrymen a few months prior. Back in July, another group of German tourists had managed to consume 1,111 beers in three hours, and our heroes were confident that they could do even better. The 55 people reportedly paid a bill of 2,380 euros ($2,534) for the giant round of beers, but successfully beat the old record by over 100 beers.

Photo: Bohdan Stocek/Unsplash

The world record attempt began at 10:30 in the morning and ended at around 1:00 in the afternoon. It actually took an hour longer than the group originally anticipated, as they confidently boasted that they would reach the 1,200 mark by noon. Even so, everyone was delighted with the result, so they all spent the rest of the day at another beach pub, celebrating.

“Everything was done in an orderly manner, no one lost their nerve or got out of line,” said Kai Uwe Kahmann, a 62-year-old German businessman, and the organizer of the record attempt. “It was a really great group and a lot of fun.”

The members of the group managed to drink at least 10 beers an hour, on average, with the average beer consumption per person during the two-and-a-half hours of drinking being 22 beers.

Kahmann said that he doesn’t usually drink this much, and admitted that he had to go to sleep at 7 pm that day. Still, he claimed that he woke up refreshed, and without feeling hungover the next day.

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