Man Does Over 26,000 Squats in 24 Hours, Sets New World Record

An Illinois man made history last week when he set a new world record for the most number of squats in 24 hours, a whopping 26,100.

Tony Piraino of Decatur, Illinois, began his daring record attempt at 5 a.m. on April 5th and ended it at the same time on April 6th. He set out to do 26,000 squats during that 24-hour interval, thus beating the world record set by Joe Reverdes of Rhode Island in 2020 by 1,000 squats. To ensure that he had the stamina and energy to fulfill his goal, Piraino took 30-second breaks every 22 squats and made sure to take a few longer breaks throughout the day. He also made sure to have plenty of energy drinks and snacks rich in carbohydrates, and despite telling reporters that he was getting tired halfway through the attempt, he managed to beat his own expectations.

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Australian Farm Grows Bluberry the Size of a Golf Ball

Australian fresh produce company Costa Group recently set a new Guinness Record for the world’s heaviest blueberry, with a 20.4-gram fruit roughly the size of a golf ball.

Picked on November 13, 2023, at Costa’s berry farm in Corindi, New South Wales, the record-breaking blueberry was from the Eterna variety, which is known for yielding consistently large fruit without compromising on flavor. Interestingly, one of the growers in charge of this particular farm said that this blueberry was one of at least 20 fruits of similar size spotted during harvesting. After measuring and weighing, it was discovered that the fruit beat the former heaviest blueberry by over 4 grams. The previous world record was for a 16.20g blueberryberry grown in Western Australia in 2020.

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Man Builds World’s Largest Matchstick Eiffel Tower, Is Denied Guinness Record on a ‘Technicality’

A Frenchman who spent the last 8 years assembling over 700,000 matchsticks into a 23-foot-tall replica of the Eiffel Tower has been denied the Guinness World Record because he didn’t use commercially available matchsticks.

Imagine putting your heart and soul into a project for almost a decade only to have your dream shattered at the very end due to a detail that never crossed your mind. That’s what 47-year-old Richard Plaud went through when he was denied the chance to have his name mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records after building the world’s tallest matchstick Eiffel Tower. He started working on the complex model in 2015 and poured roughly 4,200 hours of work into it over the last 8 years, painstakingly gluing 706,900 matchsticks into 402 panels that he then assembled into the impressive structure. But last year, as he was getting ready to complete the project, Plaud learned that his Eiffel Tower model wasn’t eligible for a Guinness Record.

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Woman Blows Everyone Away with World’s Loudest Nose Whistle

A Canadian woman recently set a new Guinness record for the world’s loudest nose whistle, reproducing the theme song from The Godfather at a whopping 44.1 decibels.

LuLu Lotus discovered she could whistle through her nose when she was about seven years old. She would play pranks on her friends and teachers, and whistle popular songs, but it wasn’t until she saw a Netflix documentary that she decided to put her nose-whistling skills to the test. After watching DJ Steve Aoki’s documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and seeing the artist get awarded the world record of “Most Travelled Musician in One Year,” LuLu felt inspired to get her name into the Guinness Record Book as well, and what better way to do it than with her unique ability.

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Man Sets World with 40.5-Meter ‘Death Dive’ into Ice-Cold Water

Norwegian death diver Ken Stornes just became the first person to perform a ‘death dive’ from over 40 meters, jumping from a rock wall into the icy water below.

Invented by guitar player Erling Bruno Hovden at Frognerbadet during the summer of 1972, death diving or ‘Dødsing‘ is a form of extreme freestyle high diving with stretched arms and belly first. Jumps are usually performed from a platform positioned between 10 to 15 meters above the water, but the bravest of death divers plunge from much higher, with the current record in the men’s classic category sitting at 40.5 meters. It was set earlier this month by Ken Stornes, a Norwegian former MMA fighter turned extreme athlete, who plunged into the icy waters of Nordfjord from a platform on the side of a tall cliff.

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6-Year-Old Girl Becomes First Female to Solve Rubik’s Cube in Under 6 Seconds

6-year-old Cao Qixian set the new women’s world record for solving a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in 5.97 seconds (average) at the World Cube Association Rubik’s Cube International Open in Singapore.

Qixian, who hails from China’s Jiangsu Province, started playing with a Rubik’s cube when she was only three, inspired by a cousin who taught her the art of ‘speed-cubing’, solving the world-famous puzzle as quickly as possible. However, after about a year, the girl got so good at it that her cousin had nothing to teach her anymore and her parents got her a speed-cubing coach. She enjoyed speed-solving the Rubik’s cube so much that she practiced for two to three hours every day, and her time was getting better and better. However, there was a point where she hit a wall and needed all of her family’s help to overcome it.

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World Record – German Tourists Drink 1,254 Beers in 3 Hours

A group of 55 Germans vacationing in Mallorca, Spain, recently set a new world record for the most number of beers drunk in a period of three hours, 1,254.

The bizarre event took place in Playa de Palma, an area known for its active nightlife and often criticized as Spain’s capital of ‘drunken tourism’. A number of German tourists who didn’t know each other beforehand, coordinated through WhatsApp messaging groups and got together at a popular watering hole with the specific goal set by a group of fellow countrymen a few months prior. Back in July, another group of German tourists had managed to consume 1,111 beers in three hours, and our heroes were confident that they could do even better. The 55 people reportedly paid a bill of 2,380 euros ($2,534) for the giant round of beers, but successfully beat the old record by over 100 beers.

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The World’s Largest Shiplift Is an Impressive Feat of Engineering

The Goupitan shiplift in China’s Guizhou Province is the largest shiplift in the world. It can lift ships with a displacement of up to 500 tons to a height of 199 m (653 ft).

Dams are characterized by a drastic change in water levels and that makes navigating large waterways a daunting task. Luckily, advanced technology makes things a lot easier, and the Goupitan shiplift incorporated into the Goupitan Hydropower Station is a perfect example. Completed in 2021, it consists of three different hydraulic lifts connected by navigable water channels with a total distance of 2.3 kilometers. Located on the Wu River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in Guizhou, the Goupitan shiplift is one of the world’s most intriguing technological marvels, one that makes shipping along the waterway so much easier.

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Meet ‘Iron Guts’, the Man Who Once Ate a Kilo of the World’s Hottest Peppers

Gregory ‘Iron Guts’ Barlow holds the Guinness record for most Carolina reaper Peppers eaten in a single sitting, 160. The Carolina Reaper is the world’s hottest chili pepper, by far.

Melbourne-based Greg Barlow doesn’t even like eating chili peppers or hot sauce, but he loves the attention it earns him, and he’s willing to put his stomach on the line for it. After getting acquainted with the burning sensation of eating one or more Carolina Reapers, Barlow approached the League of Fire, an organization that ranks the most badass chili eaters on the planet in various categories. One of the toughest challenges any competitive hot pepper eater can undertake is eating the most Carolina Reaper peppers in one sitting, but Iron Guts Barlow went straight for it, in his quest to become world champion.

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The World’s Smallest Commercially Available Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt

The Omnivision OVM6948 CameraCubeChip® holds the record for the world’s smallest commercially available camera. It measures 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm, with a z‑height of just 1.158 mm.

Developed by Omnivision, a global technology company specializing in innovative advanced digital imaging, analog, and touch & display solutions for multiple applications across several industries, the CameraCubeChip® is based on the tiny OVM6948 sensor, which claimed the Guinness Record for the world’s smallest commercially available image sensor. It can be mounted on various medical instruments, including disposable guidewires, endoscopes, and catheters with diameters as small as 1.0 mm. Its impressively small size makes it perfect for use within the body’s narrowest blood vessels for neuro, ophthalmic, ENT, cardiac, spinal, urology, gynecology, and arthroscopy procedures.

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Argentinian Drivers Break World Breathalyzer Record Twice in One Year

Argentina is known for a lot of things, from tango to its love of football, but you probably didn’t know that it’s also home to the world’s drunkest drivers.

Back in March of this year, Argentinian media reported that a young man in the town of Plottier, Neuquén province, had broken the world breathalyzer record, after scoring an unprecedented 5,79 grams of alcohol per liter of breath when tested by police, after crashing his car in a ditch. Despite suffering minor injuries to his face and arms because of the crash, he refused medical assistance and did not cooperate with the police. However, he would not get to brag about his unusual record for too long, because just last week, a fellow Argentinian broke it again.

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The World’s Longest Passenger Train Is Over One Mile Long

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of Switzerland’s first railway, a railway company created the world’s longest passenger train ever, a 1.2-mile-long monster snaking through the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland’s mountain railways are regarded as feats of engineering, but they are hardly the best place to attempt a world record for the world’s longest passenger train. And that goes double for Rhaetische Bahn railways. Not only is the alpine terrain itself a challenge, featuring sharp turns and constant gradient changes, but the railway itself is considerably narrower –  just one meter apart, compared to the standard 1.435 meters. In order for the 25 “Capricorn” electric trains (a total of 100 passenger cars) to complete their voyage successfully on the UNESCO World Heritage Albula Line from Preda to Alvaneu in eastern Switzerland, everything had to be perfect.

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Archer Shoots Seven Arrows Through 10mm Keyhole, Sets World Record

An archery master recently set a new Guinness Record by shooting seven consecutive arrows through a tiny keyhole using a traditional Ottoman bow.

Lars Andersen is often hailed as the world’s ultimate archer, performing feats that most us mere mortals can only dream about. He is the only person capable of shooting 10 arrows in just 4.9 seconds, he can shoot arrows that turn in mid-flight, and shoot while holding multiple arrows in his draw hand. Recently, Andersen added another feather to his already impressive cap by shooting seven consecutive arrows through a keyhole less than 10mm in size, thus setting a new Guinness record.

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82-Year-Old Woman Runs 78 Miles in 24 Hours, Sets New World Record

Barbara Humbert, an 82-year-old great-grandmother from Val d’Oise, France, recently set a new world record after running a whopping 125 km (78 miles) in 24 hours.

At the end of last month, during the French Championships held in Brive-la-Gaillarde, 82-year-old Barbara Humbert broke the world record for the longest distance run in 24 hours for her age category. A German woman had run 105 kilometers (65.2 miles) on tarmac a few years back, and Barbara had her sights on improving that record by about 15 kilometers. She exceeded her own expectations, though, smashing through the old world record with a recorded distance of 125 kilometers covered in 24 hours. Not bad for an 82-year-old great-grandmother, is it?

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The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs a Whopping $6,000

The Golden Boy, a decadent delicacy made with 100 percent Wagyu A5, Beluga caviar, king crab, white truffle, among other premium ingredients, has just broken the record for world’s most expensive burger, with a price of 5,000 euros ($6,000).

The Golden Boy burger was created by Robbert Jan de Veen, owner of Dutch restaurant De Daltons, who came up with the idea while sitting in his restaurant pretending to get some work done. As he browsed the internet to pass the time, he stumbled over the previous record for the world’s most expensive burger, held by an Oregon restaurant that made a $5,000 burger that weight a whopping 352 kilograms, back in 2011. He found it cool, but decided he could make an even more expensive burger, and one that could actually be finished by one person.

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