Completely Clear, Alcohol-Free Beer Can Be Enjoyed Anytime, Anywhere

Most alcohol-free beers mimic the real deal almost to perfection, minus the buzz and substituent hangover, which makes them a bit problematic to drink in places where alcohol consumption is frowned upon, like the workplace. But thank to Suntory’s new clear beer, people will just think you’re drinking water.

All Free All Time is a zero-alcohol, zero-calorie beer designed to protect consumers from judgmental attention from bosses coworkers and clients at the workplace. It is completely clear and comes packaged in small plastic bottles which make it look more like a bottle of water than beer. You can take a sip at your desk, while working, or in a meeting, without worrying about attracting unwanted attention to yourself.

The only packaging elements that give All Free All Time away are a sprig of barley and the phrase “Beer Taste” at the top of the label, but unless someone is really paying attention to your bottle, you should be fine. I can’t comment on the smell, though, as it’s not yet clear if this clear beer is odorless as well. As SoraNews24 points out, there’s no use in concealing the look of beer at the workplace if it still makes you smell like you’ve been drinking, even though you haven’t.

But according to Suntory’s promotional video, All Free All Time isn’t designed to be consumed solely at the workplace. You can also enjoy it during your lunch break, or during a jog or a workout. If you’re the kind of person who just likes the taste of beer but not the stigma with consuming it anytime, anywhere, than All Free All Time is for you.


Suntory will release its completely clear, non-alcoholic beer on June 19.

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