The Wooden Clothes of Fraser Smith

Get ready for a “can you believe the’re made of wood?!?” moment folks, because the sculpted clothes of Fraser Smith are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Fraser Smith is a very talented wood sculptor who creates tromp l’oeil works using various soft wood essences. He specializes in carving the kind of things no one would ever believe could be created from wooden blocks, and manages to fool the human eye every time. At every one of his exhibitions, you’ll always here things like “Wow, there’s no way these are made of wood!” Yes, his wooden sculptures are so good most people can’t believe their eyes.






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  • stanley asrael Posted on May 7, 2011

    Selling 1990 “deets pants” by Fraser Smith 42 x 24 x 7″: one of his early, best, hand carved pieces. We loaned it to his one man show in Houston 5(?) years ago.