The World’s Most Beautiful Banknotes

I’ve never considered money as something beautiful to look at, but I have to admit, some banknotes look better than others. Here are the top 10 most beautiful banknotes in the world, according to David Standish, author of The Art of Money:

Top 10 currencies via CNBC

10. Faroe Islands (Kronurs)

9. Iceland (Kronurs)

8. Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollars)

7. Cook Islands (Cook Island Dollars)

6. New Zealand (New Zealand Dollars)

5. Comoros (Comorian Franc)

4. Switzerland (Francs)

3. Sao Tome & Principe (Dobras)

2. The Maldives (Rufiyaa)

1. The French Pacific Territories (Franc)

They’re all interesting, I guess, but here are a few other nice looking banknotes from around the world, maybe even nicer than the ones in Mr. Standish’s top:

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