German Couple Build Fairy Tale Castle in Their Backyard

Heinz and Hildegard Schönewolf, from Dudweiler, Germany, have spent the last 37 years building a 350 square-foot fairy tale castle, right in their own backyard.

It’s amazing the kind of things people create in their backyards. Just a few days ago we posted about the stunning Four Seasons Garden, and the impressive replica of the Golden Gate Bridge built by Larry Richardson, and let’s not forget the backyard Titanic we featured a while back. Today, I found some photos of a colorful castle like the one you usually see in children’s fairy tale books, and learned it was actually built by a retired bricklayer, right in his own backyard, in the German town of Dudweiler. The 76-year-old castle enthusiast spent 37 years building his masterpiece out of stones, bricks and thousands of bags of cement.

Photo: Jennifer Weyland/BILD

Schönewolf told German newspaper Bild that his beautiful backyard castle started out as a simple retaining wall that he simply kept embellishing over the years. Ever since he started work on it, in 1975, Heinz has spent every single day making his castle better, and his wife Hildegard says they never even went on a holiday, only to visit her husband’s mother, in Hessen. Although he says the backyard castle will never really be finished, because he lways wants to add new things, Heinz has already opened it up for public visits, free of charge.

Photo: Jennifer Weyland/BILD

The 15-meter-high and 15-meter-wide Schönewolf Castle features towers, battlements, narrow pathways, a charming Rapunzel room and even an 18,000 liter aquarium in the basement. The German couple estimate they’ve spent about €50,000 on the castle so far.

Photo: Jennifer Weyland/BILD


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  • Jack Handy Posted on June 16, 2012

    Then city officials show up and ask to see his building permits. Please remove structure by end of the week.