Man Creates Trash Can That Targets and Catches Flying Garbage

You know those movies where an author with writer’s block keeps throwing drafts over his shoulder trying to hit the trash can, but never seems to land one in? Well, that might just be a problem of the past, because someone seems to have invented a smart trash can that targets and catches flying pieces of trash.

It’s amazing what some people can create if they put their minds to it. Take this Japanese guy who goes by “FRP”, who, inspired by a commercial, decided to create his own trash can of the future, able to anticipate where flying trash is going to land and catch it before it hits the ground. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but according to the clever inventor, all you need is a wheeled base integrated with a circuit board and attached to the bottom of a common trashcan, a Kinect camera to monitor the room, and a specially-written program that allows the camera to track incoming garbage and guide the trashcan to catch it before it lands.

The video FRP uploaded to YouTube shows his smart trashcan works like a charm, catching every piece of garbage thrown its way, but RocketNews24 reports that the guiding system isn’t really as accurate as its inventor would like. Still he plans to work on it some more, and ultimately commercialize it to the world’s lazy population. Let’s face it, if he gets his creation to really do what we see in the video, this guy will make a fortune!


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