Care to Buy a Living, Breathing Wish-Granting Cat for $127,000?

Forget wish-granting goldfish and genies in a bottle, you can now own your very own magical cat and have all your wishes fulfilled for the modest price of 10 million rubles ($127,000).

A Novosibirsk woman recently posted a bizarre ad on Russian classified ad platform Avito, asking people to pay a small fortune for her pet cat, a Scottish Fold named Vincent I, or Vinsik, for short. The woman, known only as Elena, told Russian journalists that she discovered her cat’s wish-granting powers by accident, but has since tested its effectiveness three times, to impressive results. She now wants to share its magic with others, but is asking for a considerable fee as reward for her kindness.


“It works only with the owners,” Elena told Komsomolskaya Pravda. “I discovered his ability completely by accident. “I needed an apartment, and somehow I told Vincent for fun: ‘Fulfill my wish!’ And literally the next day I realized that everything would come true. You immediately feel that events are starting to take shape as they should. And a month later I already had an apartment.”

The woman didn’t mention how exactly she came to have the apartment – whether it was simply given to her, or she had to buy it – but she claims that since then the cat also helped her family buy another apartment as well as a brand new car.

“His mother, Octaviante Lolita, was like a real witch, black as coal and also lop-eared. His dad – Rochester – a healthy blue cat, but with straight ears,” Elena said. “Vinsik was born in the kennel, and we bought him in 2011, when he was two months old. Since then, she has been living with us for nine years.”


Asked why her family decided to give Vinsik away after all these years, especially after discovering his wish-granting powers, Elena said that they just wanted to share his magic with someone else. Plus, it seems the cat only grants people three wishes, and they have already exhausted theirs. They tried to get a fourth wish granted, but nothing happened, so they just decided to let someone else have a go.

But instead of giving Vincent I away for free, Elena and her family are asking for 10 million rubles ($127,000), and claim the price is more than worth it.

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