Cat Goes Crazy, Keeps Owner Captive in the Kitchen for Two Whole Days

A Russian woman was allegedly unable to leave her kitchen for two days after her pet cat started behaving aggressively and tried to attack her whenever she tried to exit the room.

This is the kind of news story that sounds so crazy, it has to be fake! At least that’s what I thought when I first read the title, but then I noticed that it had originally been reported on the official website of the Rescue Service in the Russian city of Arkhangelsk, which actually rescued the woman from her own home. On Sunday, January 19, a local resident noticed a woman signaling for help in the window of a third floor apartment, at 9/6 Suvorov street. After catching the attention of the passer-by, the woman explained that her pet cat had started acting crazy two days before, and would try to attack her whenever she tried leaving the kitchen. Sick of waiting for the feline to calm down, she finally decided to ask for help.

Photo: Erik-Jan Leusink/Unsplash

According to a press release from the Arkhangelsk Regional Rescue Service, an emergency call about this incident was received on January 19, at about noon, and its rescuers arrived at the specified location shortly after. Because the front door of the apartment was locked from the inside, they had to access the woman’s home via the window, using an extension ladder. Once inside, they managed to catch the aggressive feline in a blanket, to evacuate its owner.

The woman was reportedly unharmed, as was her feline, but the short press release mentions nothing about what the owner did when she had to use the bathroom during the two days she was held captive by her pet… The cat was placed in a cage and handed over to the woman, with the recommendation that she see a veterinarian about its bizarre behavior.

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