Cat Survives Three-Week Journey Locked in Shipping Container With No Food or Water

A resourceful feline has surprised the workers of a shipping company when it emerged from a locked container after spending three weeks at sea with no food or water.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian logistics company Star Shine Shipping LTD took to Facebook to report a rather unusual tale of survival involving a curious feline. When opening a sealed container that had traveled over two thousand kilometers from Ukraine to Israel, over a period of three weeks, the company’s staff found a grey cat inside. The animal looked a bit scared, but was otherwise in good condition, despite having endured a long journey without any food or water.

Photos posted on the Star Shine Shipping LTD Facebook page show the clandestine passenger sitting atop a stack of boxes inside the shipping container, and later stretching its legs in an unspecified Israeli port. One of the photos also shows a couple of chewed up cardboard boxes, which were filled with Ukrainian candy.

Although one can only speculate on how the feline survived for three weeks inside the sealed container, it is believed it feasted on sugary treats for nutrients, and licked the condensation that must have formed on the inside of the metal container for water.

Upon discovering the purring stowaway, Star Shine Shipping checked the video tapes to find out how it had wound up in the container. Apparently, the curious feline snuck inside the metallic container as it was being loaded in the port of Odessa, and got locked inside.

While some questions about the cat’s survival during the three-week journey remain unanswered, the important thing is that the animal has made a full recovery, in the care of the logistics company’s director, Alexander Vinnik.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first epic tale of animal survival we’ve ever featured on Oddity Central. Back in 2016, we wrote about a pair of “miracle puppies” that survived a 25-day journey in a shipping container with no food or water.

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