Japanese Company Makes Custom Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs

Ever wonder what your pet would look like as a Japanese samurai? Well, thanks to this company selling samurai armors for cats and dogs, you don’t have to imagine it anymore.

Samurai Age specializes in handmade samurai helmet and armor bottle covers, but they recently went into the pet business as well, launching a line of samurai armor for cats. They don’t look like the provide much protection from the cold, but if you’re looking to bring out their warrior spirit, they are perfect.

Samurai Age has a standard armor size for cats and small dogs, but you can place and order for custom size armor too, like the red one worn by the adorable shiba-inu in the picture above. Not only that, but according to Grapee, it looks like the company will also fashion sets of pet armor after those worn by legendary Japanese samurai. For example, the red one in the above photo is modeled after the armor of Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimura. If you think your pet can stand it, you can also order a beautiful Kabuto helmet, as well.

You can order both the standard and custom armor sets on the Samurai Age website. Depending on size, prices range between 4,040 yen ($125) to 16,416 yen ($146). I think that’s pretty decent for such exquisite items.


Photos: Samurai Age/Facebook

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