Japanese Hotel Lets You Rent an Alpaca as a Witness at Your Wedding

The Epinard Nasu Hotel, in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture, offers a highly unconventional wedding service – newlyweds can rent a cute, fluffy alpaca from a nearby zoo to act as a witness to their wedding.

No one really knows when the hotel started using alpacas to attract customers, or how they came up with the unique idea, but judging from the number of photos happy newlyweds have been posting on Japanese social media lately, it’s definitely becoming popular. It’s not that alpacas are good luck charms, nor are they part of some obscure Japanese ritual, they’re just cute and a sure way to make a wedding memorable.

The alpacasĀ are escorted down the aisle by a professional trainer who makes sure they are on their best behavior during the wedding ceremony. Still, somethings not even the most experienced trainers can prevent, so if you smell something funny during the proceedings, just ignore it. Usually they just stand there as the newlyweds exchange vows and declare their love for each other, kind of like human witnesses do.


Epinard Nasu doesn’t list the price of the alpaca wedding witness service, and according to RocketNews24 they are provided as a part of their regular package, at clients’ request. Cute, fluffy and free, what more could you ask for, right?


Studies have shown that the simple presence of alpacas have a positive effect on humans. They have been used as therapy animals in hospitals and elderly care homes for years.





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