Meet Garfi, the Angriest Cat on the Internet

Garfi the cat is all set to dethrone Grumpy Cat from his position as the internet’s most sour-faced feline. One look at Garfi’s picture and you’ll know that he really means business. The orange Persian male from Turkey has such a menacing expression that he actually makes Grumpy Cat look happy.

Garfi was introduced to the online world through a Flickr album created by his owner Hulya Ozkok, with her son’s encouragement. The album, with over 50,000 views, contains pictures of Garfi wearing all sorts of cute accessories – bunny ears, Santa hats, oversized reading glasses, and flowery headbands. But none of the props quite manage to hide that glint of anger in his eyes – this is one furious cat!


Photo: Hulya Ozkok

Gafri’s pictures are also being shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and he is slowly amassing a legion of fans that adore his grouchiness. But he still does have a long way to go before he can even touch Grumpy Cat, who has been an internet celebrity since 2012, in terms of fame. There’s a whole line of Grumpy Cat merchandise out there – books, clothing, accessories – and the [popular feline is all set to star in her own movie: Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas.


Photo: Hulya Ozkok

Only time will tell if Garfi will be a serious contender in this online ‘cat fight’. His photographs have gone viral and people seem to go crazy over his angry mug. But we’ve seen several other churlish cats come and go in the past, so does Garfi have it in him to become the undisputed king of internet felines? We’ll have to wait and see.



Photo: Hulya Ozkok




Photo: Hulya Ozkok




Photo: Hulya Ozkok




Photo: Hulya Ozkok


And the undisputed champ of online cat memes, the one and only Grumpy Cat:



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