Meet Narwhal, the ‘Unicorn Puppy’ with a Tail Growing from His Forehead

Mac’s Mission, a Missouri-based dog rescue, is used to taking in special dogs, but even for the staff here a puppy with a tail growing from his forehead was a pretty unusual sight.

Named Narwhal, in honor of his unusual appendage, the 10-week-old pup has become an internet sensation ever since photos of him were first posted on social media. He was brought in to the rescue because of his unusual look, as Mac’s Mission is known for taking in canines in need of special attention, such as blind and deaf dogs, dogs with three or five limbs, as well as dogs with cleft palates. The staff here thought they had seen it all, and then Narwhal came in and their jaws fell to the floor.

Photo: Mac’s Mission

It’s not everyday that you see a dog with two tail, but one with the second tail growing out of its forehead is even rarer. So it’s no surprise that as  soon as Mac’s Mission posted photos of their latest guest on social media, the pooch became an overnight sensation. Everyone wanted to know more about him, and people started coming over to play or take selfies with him.

“Everybody wants to see him. I’ve had so many volunteers have come over and said ‘hey, can we play with Narwhal?’ And it’s now become the thing to take selfies with him because he’s just so cute,” Mac’s Mission founder Rochelle Steffen said. “He’s literally the most magical thing you’ve ever seen, and so happy.”

Photo: Mac’s Mission

Narwhal, whose full name is ‘Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn’, recently underwent a physical, including an X-Ray which showed that his forehead tail doesn’t feature any bone structure, so he won’t be able to wag it or use it as a windshield in case of rain. But otherwise, he has been given a clean bill of health.

Although many people would love nothing more than to claim this unique puppy as their own, Narwhal is not currently on the adoption list, as Mac’s Mission wants to first make sure that his forehead tale doesn’t become a problem at some point. It may be cute now, but who knows if his adoptive family will still want him if the frontal tail becomes an issue.


“We don’t want to adopt him out and two weeks later it does become a problem,” Steffen said.

“Everybody has said that it looks like a tail that just didn’t develop fully, like he might have tried to absorb a twin and it just didn’t work all the way,” the dog rescue founder said about the unique tail. “It kind of curls right down under his eyes.”