New Grumpy Cat Has Been Stuck in an Animal Shelter for Over a Year

They say you can’t judge a book by its covers, and that definitely applies Shamo, a gray cat at the Rencontrer Mignon animal shelter, in Tokyo, but people are apparently finding it hard to look past her perpetually grumpy face.

Rescued from the city animal care center, over a year ago, so she could have a better chance of being adopted, Shamo has been having trouble finding a forever home mainly due to her permanent scowl. However, her deceptively angry look is apparently just a facade, as her profile page on the shelter website and her Twitter account clearly state that she is a gentle creature with an endearing personality.

Shamo may look like she disapproves of everything, but she loves human companionship and spends most of her time in the lap of Rencontrer Mignon caregivers, and cuddling in their arms.

Photos of grumpy-looking Shamo recently went viral after being picked up by Bored Panda, with most commenters saying that they would take her home in a heartbeat. Maybe one of them actually will.

One thing is for sure, though, Shamo is giving Grumpy Cat, the undisputed champ of cat memes, and Garfi, the angry-looking social media star, a run for the title of most dissatisfied-looking feline on the internet.

Photos: Rencontrer Mignon, Twitter

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