Roger the Kangaroo Crushes Metal Buckets with His Bare Paws, Poses Like a True Bodybuilder

Meet Roger, the alpha male at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. When he’s not too busy fighting off younger males for the title of supreme leader, Roger likes to show off his muscles and practice his kickboxing moves.

If you’re an aspiring bodybuilder desperate enough to accept tips from a kangaroo, you should know his favorite training exercise is crushing his metal feed bucket with his bare paws. Sure, it sounds extreme, but just look at Roger’s guns!

You can tell he knows he looks good, too. The way he flexes for the camera and stares menacingly into the lens, he’s a natural superstar.


According to Chris “Brolga” Barnes, manager of Kangaroo Sanctuary and Roger’s human “mum”, the gorgeous red kangaroo’s muscles are not just for show. He is trained in hand-to hand combat and can disembowel his opponent with a well-placed kick. Roger apparently likes to spend his days crushing buckets, practicing his kickboxing moves and protecting his females. Brolga himself knows that despite their long friendship, Roger’s instincts as a grown male tell him to fight, so he makes sure to keep his distance.


At 89kg, and 7ft. from top to tail, 9-year-old Roger is taller and heavier than the average human being, but with his genes and quality feed, he’s expected to grow even bigger.


One thing’s for sure, Roger has come a long ways since 2006, when he arrived at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. He was a puny baby joey, rescued from the highway after his mother was found dead. “He had no hair at that age and his eyes were just open and today he’s up to 7ft tall and 90kg,” Barnes reminisced.






Photos: Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs/Facebook

via NT News

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