The Tamaskan – A Dog Bred to Look Like a Wolf But That Doesn’t Have Any Wolf in Its Lineage

The Tamaskan is a relatively new and rare breed of dog created with the specific purpose of mimicking the looks of a grey wolf without any genetic relation to the wild predator.

In the 1980s, a group of British dog breeders set out on a mission to develop a new dog breed with a wolf-like appearance. To that end, they combined German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Samoyeds, and the Tamaskan was one of the breeds they came up with. However, some experts believe that crossing this new breed with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog made the Tamaskan what it is today. But while the Tamaskan may look like an actual wolf, or at least a close cousin, genetically speaking, there is no relation between the two species. The Tamaskan is all dog.

Photo: K9Web

The Tamaskan is classified as a large dog breed. Males are generally larger than females, weighing between 66 and 99 pounds and measuring between 25 and 28 inches tall.


The purpose for developing this breed was to develop a domestic dog that looked like a wild wolf but was in reality an intelligent and brave dog with unwavering loyalty to its owners. It responds well to training, and is very energetic, but it is recommended for people who have experience with dogs, as they require a lot of attention and work.


Tamaskan dogs usually get very attached to their owners and their respective family and tend to develop separation anxiety if left alone too often. These dogs are also very friendly and generally enjoy being around people.


The first liter of wolf-like puppies found its way to US soil in 2005, and despite growing in popularity ever since, Tamaskans are still considered very rare, with puppies only available through waiting lists and at prices upwards of $2,000. But no one said owning a dog that looks like a wolf but is all dog was cheap…


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