This French Bookstore Is a Cat-Lover’s Dream Come True

You know what a good book goes great with? Well, apparently cats, and this new bookstore in Aix-en-Provence, France is all the proof you need.

Mon Chat Pitre opened its doors in June of this year, and it has already become somewhat of a local attraction in Aix-en-Provence, especially among cat lovers. It has a nice selection of books to choose from, but what really sets it apart from other bookstores in the city, or anywhere else in France for that matter, is the “decor”. As you walk around the bookstore looking for your next read, you have the opportunity, nay, the privilege, to stroke six furry felines that love nothing more than to lay on the books on offer and beg visitors’ attention.

Photo: Mon Chat Pitr/Facebook

Founded by a couple of television journalists, Solène Chavanne and Jean-Philippe Doux, Mon Chat Pitre was designed to be a place where bookworms could come pick their next book while getting some good vibes and brightening up their day with some help from the six adopted felines.


Although it has only been open for less than five months, Mon Chat Pitre has already become a favorite destination of cat lovers in Aix-en-Provence and beyond, at least since the bookstore made national news headlines. People will sometimes walk in on the pretext of looking for a book, when all they want is to interact with the purring cats, who love the attention.


The six cats that call Mon Chat Pitre home have all been adopted by the founders from a local shelter, and they are not looking for a new home. However, Solène and Jean-Philippe consider their felines ambassadors for other abandoned cats, so if anyone comes in, interacts with them, and decides that they need a cat in their lives, they are more than welcome to visit the local shelters and adopt one of the residents there.


Mon Chat Pitre is the ideal bookstore for cat lovers, but just to make sure that the six felines on duty are never too stressed by their human fans, they have their very own retreat at the back of the shop, where visitors aren’t allowed to enter. That is where they have their litter, their kibbles, their beds, so if they ever get bored of humans, they can just leave.


So if you’re ever in Aix-en-Province and want to visit a unique bookstore, make sure to drop by Mon Chat Pitre. It is located at 13 Rue de Montigny, in the historic center of the city.