YouTuber Creates Custom Fish Tank So He Can Take His Goldfish on Walks

The problem with having fish as pets is that you can’t really take them with you on the go like you can land mammals like cats and dogs. Well, unless you have one of these mobile fish tanks, that is!

It all started with a series of posts on the Facebook Open Society group from members who claimed to have spotted a man walking his pet fish around Taipei in a contraption that looked like a fish tank on wheels. Some of the photos went viral, and people started commenting that the man pushing the fish tank was a popular Taiwanese DIY youtuber called Huang Xiaojie, aka ‘Jerry’. Sure enough, on April 23rd, Jerry released a video showcasing his invention, calling it one of his toughest challenges yet.

Although Huang’s video doesn’t come with English subtitles explaining the work that went into the project, the DIY expert basically welded a metal chassis as support for a sealed acrylic tube, put it on wheels and added a handle for pushing.

The acrylic tube is the actual fish tank, and it comes with a battery-powered filtration system, an air pump for oxygen, as well as a lighting system, if you really want to show off your fish at nighttime.

Huang Xiaojie took his three gold fish for a long walk and seeing as they all made it back safely, he declared the project a success. His fans agreed, praising his resourcefulness, and praying that such a fish tank actually comes to market one day, so they can walk their own fish. Some even offered suggestions, like a shock dampening system, to make the fish more comfortable.


Believe it or not, this isn’t the first portable fish tank we’ve ever featured here on Oddity Central. A while back, we wrote about another ingenious invention, the “katsugyo bag” by Japanese company Ma Corporation, which shared Jerry’s tubular design, only it’s meant to be held in the hand.