All-Black Apartment Inspired by Batman Can Be Yours For Just $460,000

A ‘one of a kind’ 990-sq-ft apartment in Manchester, England has been getting a lot of attention for its all-black interior.

Apparently inspired by Batman’s Gotham City, every room in the two-bedroom apartment is painted black, with black furnishings, creating a controversial visual effect that some have described as ‘sexy’, and others consider bleak. Located in Piccadilly Basin in Manchester’s popular Northern Quarter, the unique apartment boasts two deluxe double bedrooms, a kitchen and living room space, and a custom-build bathroom complete with a walk-in rain shower. Except for the toilet, bathtub and sink, every surface in the 990-sq-ft pad, including the walls, floor and windows, is black.

Formerly a warehouse, the building was converted into a 1920s Art Deco-style living space by Liverpool-based property developer, Maghull, and was eventually turned into the all-black abode it is today.

The all-black apartment originally went viral online last year, when photos of it started being shared on social media. Back then, it was on the market for £400,000 ($522,000), but you can now grab it for £25,000 cheaper if you find the black as irresistible as real-estate agents describe it.

“The apartment is not a space you come about every day, especially in Manchester city center,” real estate broker Spencer McLeod said. “Unique in its space, layout, and décor – this apartment is inspired by Gotham City from the iconic Batman movies. You can clearly see that the owner has spared no thought when it comes to the detail of the apartment. If you’re a young professional looking for a sexy pad in the city center, this is certainly a strong contender.”

Although the apartment certainly has a unique look, some have argued that the all-black is actually offputting, or even that the apartment will always have higher temperatures, because black attracts more light. I don’t know about that last one…

Interestingly, only a few months ago, we featured a similar home in Illinois. Nicknamed the “Goth House“, it was black on the inside and out.