Chinese Entrepreneur Turns Industrial Concrete Tube into Popular Low-Cost Hotel

While some people enjoy luxurious travel, others are more than happy to make do with the bare minimum. A clever Chinese hotelier has used this fact to his advantage – he constructed a highly unusual, low cost hotel by reusing industrial grade concrete tubing.

The ingenious young man, from Henan Province, managed to acquire several meters of recycled concrete tubing and sliced it into 15 separate mini structures. Each sturdy structure, designed to accommodate two people, is equipped with a double bed, a restroom, and a few ‘extra touches’ like air conditioning and sound proofing. The exteriors of the circular dwellings have even been decorated with some street art to make them look more appealing.


These capsule rooms without a view are best described as rudimentary. But the peculiar hotel is proving to be popular with tourists and locals alike. It is a modest, no-frills getaway; a perfect retreat for people who want to escape from the stresses of modern living. The owner hopes that his project will attract several urbanites from busy cities who want to spend a few nights free from luxury.



Source: Daily Mail