London’s Invisible House Is Covered in Mirrors

A unique house in London’s Richmond neighborhood has been dubbed “the invisible house” as the giant mirror walls reflect everything around it, making it very hard to notice.

Located on the busy A316 road by the Richmond Circus roundabout, near Richmond Underground station, London’s Invisible House isn’t some fancy art installation, but an actual home. Redesigned by architect and artist Alex Haw in 2015, the property has been inhabited since 2019, and the family said that living there has been interesting, to say the least. Even though passers-by can’t see inside, the owners can see outside perfectly fine, and they sometimes spot people fixing their hair or clothes in their mirrored walls and windows.

Photo: Google Maps

“Our designer, Alex Haw, came up with the idea of the mirror,” the owners, who preferred to remain anonymous, told MyLondon. “The mirror would make the house ‘talk with its environment’. You can see the trees on the roundabout and the clouds reflecting onto the house. We really liked the idea and ran with it.”

A photo of the so-called invisible house recently went viral on Reddit, leaving people with so many unanswered questions. Some wondered how much time and effort the owners put into keeping the mirrors squeaky clean all the time, while others wondered how they could have passed by it dozens of times and not even realized it was there.

Photo: Google Maps

“I’ve lived in the borough for about 10 years and have driven past it more times than I could count and have honestly never noticed it,” one Reddit user commented. “Does anyone know anything about it? Is it residential or commercial? I’ve tried googling it and can’t find any info about it.”

Even checking out the property on Google Maps is a trippy experience, as it’s difficult to make out the exact design, with everything being reflected. Personally, I am curious about the material used to make the house invisible. Some have suggested semi-transparent glass, but that sounds a bit too fragile, even if it’s tempered. Well, I guess all the mystery is part of its charm.

Photo: Google Maps