Modern-Looking House Has the Interior Design of a Baroque Palace

Photos of a house near the Russian city of Irkutsk have gone viral on social media because of the contrast between its exterior and interior design.

Located in the village of Novaya Razvodnaya, near Irkutsk, this modern house was recently put on sale, as part of a 620-square-meter property. At first glance, the house has a pretty modern look, but the solitary Roman column decorating the yard hints at the fact that there is more to this place than meets the eye. The moment you set foot inside, it’s like going down the rabbit whole and waking up in a whole new dimension.

As modern as the exterior of this house looks, the inside looks like it belongs in Peterhof Palace. You find yourself surrounded by gilded rococo and baroque-inspired decorations, intricate chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and the furniture fits the same white and gold theme as the rest of the place.

Built in 2010, this house of contrasts features 5 bedrooms, a huge living room, an office, waiting room, dressing a room and several bathrooms. It also has a two car garage, swimming pool, pond, and even a small waterfall. Plus, it looks like a palace on the inside, so if that’s your thing, go ahead and place a bid.

Photos of the house have been doing the rounds on Russian social media this week, with most people agreeing that it will probably be a hard sell, considering the over-the-top interior. Some even joked that it was the home of the emperor of Irkutsk.

If the baroque interior isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer something more befitting a pharaoh, check out this Moscow apartment themed after Ancient Egypt. It can be yours for just $1.7 million.

This unique Irkutsk house is listed on Russian real estate platform Sloboda.

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